Pelosi: Tax-Evading Republican Must Resign, not Tax-Evading Democrats

Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of tax-evading Republican politician over tax evasion conviction, but remains silent on tax-evading Democrats.

They don’t call politicians crooks for nothing. If you’re just a regular civilian, and you try keeping all your money and not paying your “fair share” to the feds, you’ll go to jail for “stealing” from the government. Even if it’s a little bit of money.

But if you’re a politician, even if you owe tons of money, it’s no big deal. You settle it in some back room somewhere. You’re protected as long as you’re a good team player. You scratch others’ backs; they’ll scratch yours when you need it most.

So, it’s really no surprise that Republican Michael Grimm won reelection to his New York district, in spite of his tax evasion and fraud charges brought against him, for which he pleaded guilty and faces up to three years in prison. And not to mention his on-air threat to a journalist. He’s a politician. They’re allowed and even encouraged to be criminals. That’s how most of them got there in the first place.

Even though they’re all involved with some kind of criminal activity or scandal of their own creation, they don’t hesitate to play the self-righteous card in their plot to wipe out their competition. Pelosi said that this Grimm character has got to resign. I mean, he’s got tax evasion on his record! No Democrat would ever be that bad.

Ed Morrissey from Hot Air pointed out the laughable hypocrisy of Pelosi calling on Grimm to resign:

By all means, Boehner should hold himself and his caucus to the high standards exemplified by Pelosi while she held the gavel in the House. Right? Er …

“But a senior GOP aide pointed out that Pelosi didn’t call for the resignations of several House Democrats who found themselves ensnared in ethical controversies.

“’After standing behind Reps. Bill Jefferson, Charlie Rangel, Jack Murtha, and many others, Rep. Pelosi has zero credibility of these issues,’ the aide said.”

Jefferson lost his re-election bid after his $90,000 cash cache was discovered in his freezer; before that, Pelosi had stripped “Cold Cash” Jefferson of committee assignments but pointedly did not ask for his resignation. Murtha didn’t even get that much of a rebuke from Pelosi despite allegations of corruption, remaining one of the most powerful appropriators in Congress.

But Rangel provides the most laughable example of Pelosi’s sanctimonious hypocrisy. While Speaker, Pelosi presided over the censure of Rangel for 11 counts of ethics violations, which included tax evasion as well as cashing in on his office to raise money for a school bearing his name, as well as other abuses of power. Other than censure and losing the opportunity to be the ranking member on Ways and Means, Rangel has suffered no professional setback, and continues to get support from Pelosi and the national Democratic Party in his D+41 district during elections — including the most recent in November.

Democrats like to point out Republican hypocrites. But there’s no such thing as a Democrat hypocrite, because Democrats and liberals have no standards.