Pelosi to Retain House Leadership Role because of Her Fundraising Not Her Politics

After last week’s sound defeat there has been a growing amount of dissatisfaction among Democrats for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Part of the behind the scenes grumblings about Pelosi was her post-election tirade that blamed Democratic voters for the loss. She said the Republican victory had nothing to do with the Democratic politicians like herself or their policies. Pelosi blames the voters for not getting out to vote and not getting others to get out and vote.

She reminds me of a horse wearing blinders so that it only sees what’s directly in front of it and having no idea what the big picture really is. Pelosi is wearing blinders and even they must have liberal filters over that tunnel vision if she didn’t see the message that voters sent to the politicians in Washington DC.

Amidst her blindness and refusal to admit that anything could possibly be wrong with the way Democrats are doing things, a growing number of House and Senate Democrats and their aides are speaking behind closed doors and what they are saying isn’t kind about Pelosi.

With all of the discontent, you would think that at least one other House Democrat would challenge Pelosi for the Minority Leader position, but that has yet to happen and the vote takes place on November 18. But why isn’t anyone willing to challenge the 74 year old misguided and delusional liberal from San Francisco?

Despite her being so out of touch with reality and the American people, Pelosi is a very successful fundraiser. During her twelve year reign as the House leader of the Democrats, Pelosi has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the party of the rich, which in reality is the Democratic Party. So for the sake of money in their political purses, the Democrats will most likely re-elect Pelosi to her House Minority position and continue to complain about her behind her back and to each other behind their doors.

That’s the same dumb blindness that just cost the Democrats the 2014 election. They really are the living epitome of the famous line from the movie Forrest Gump:

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Hopefully that same stupid mentality will prevail among them for the next two years and they lose control of the White House in 2016 as well.