Pelosi on Whether Unborn Baby is a Human Being: “I do not Intend to Respond”

Of course she’s afraid to say one way or the other whether an unborn child with a human heart and a human liver is a human being. If she says it is a human being, then she knows the next question will be something like, “Then how is abortion not murder?” If she says that the unborn baby is not a human being, then she’d be asked, “Then, what is it, and at what point does it ‘become’ a human being? And based on what?”

She doesn’t want to deal with that. I completely understand. I wouldn’t want to deal with those questions either if I believed that abortion is a woman’s “God-given right.”

Pelosi was visibly flustered when questioned by a CNS News reporter:

“Ideological questions?” These questions get to the heart of the matter. The reporter probably anticipated that Pelosi would prevaricate. There’s no way Pelosi would take a stand and commit to a yes or no answer. Her only defense is to call it an “ideological question” and claim that it has no place in public policy.

Then, she goes on to explain her own ideology. She’s a “devout, practicing Catholic” with five kids. And her youngest was born when her oldest was only six. Therefore, she knows more about abortion than the questioner.

But what does that have to do with the question of whether or not a baby in a mother’s womb is a human being? It’s a very simple question. If the reporter had asked just about any other “devout, practicing Catholic” the same question, he would have gotten an immediate response in the affirmative.

Pelosi might be a nominal Catholic, but she’s a politician first. She’s got lobbyists to bow to and donors to please. She can’t let morality or “ideology” get in the way of public policy.