Pelosi: We Have to Implement Obamacare Before Changes Can Be Made

Pelosi said that we had to pass Obamacare into law before we could find out what was in it. She certainly has a thing for wanting to force things down people’s throats and then asking questions later. But at that point, it’s too late.

And apparently, Pelosi still hasn’t read the bill. I’m not sure anyone has really. What is it, like 10,535 pages of regulations? The only person who could read something like that is Kim Peek, a real-life Rain Man. He apparently read the Koran in about 10 minutes. But he died in 2009, before Obamacare became the “law of the land.”

Along the same lines as passing the bill to find out what was in it, Pelosi is now saying that if Americans and representatives in Congress want to make any changes at all to the bill, we have to implement it first. In reference to lawmakers’ plan to defund Obamacare or at least delay it by one year, she said:

“None of these suggestions [are] acceptable. After we open government and a plan is in place — any law that a Congress makes, a Congress can make another law and so bring your ideas forward. But not, with government shut down and before the plan is even in effect, are they going to make changes… We’ll see how it works — [we’re] open to other suggestions, but not ‘shutting down the government unless you have your way,’ before the bill is implemented.”

So far, Obamacare has been quite a disastrous, almost comical, waste of money. Cost estimates range anywhere from $93 million to $634 million to build the Obamacare enrollment website. And Pelosi wants to keep it going.

But for how long? How many more website glitches and errors and insurance rate hikes have to happen before she decides that it’s time to change it? My guess is that those things don’t bother her. We just need to give it some time. What was it that Jay Carney said about Obamacare regarding Americans’ rising opposition to it? He said that people would learn to like it. It’s sort of an acquired taste.