Pelosi Claims Half Million People Have Enrolled In Obamacare: 5 Times More Than Actual Figures

The numbers are in and are not at all surprising. Just over 100,000 people in the entire U.S. have “selected a plan” as of November 2. Healthcare officials disclosed that this number also includes people who have not yet paid for their insurance, but have simply added their required-by-law product to their online shopping cart:

The administration says a total of 975,407 applied for coverage and received an eligibility determination, but have not yet selected a plan. In addition to the 106,185 who have selected a plan, another 396,261 have been determined as eligible for Medicaid or a similar government program for children. 

Also, when you dissect the numbers a bit, you find that only 27,000 people signed up through the federal exchange. The remainder signed up through their respective state-run exchanges, which are accessed on different websites. Fox News reported that more than half of those enrollments were in New York and California.

So, it’s a little funny that California’s very own Pelosi posted to her Twitter account that there were half a million signups so far. Here’s what she said:

“FACT:  Despite website glitches, ≈ 1m have applied and are eligible to #getcovered on #ACA marketplaces. 500,000 have already secured coverage.”

Wishful thinking. Even if it were that high, this late in the game, it would be nothing. And it’s not that I’m desperately wanting this whole thing to fail. It has already failed. It was a failure from the get-go.

It failed, because that’s the nature of socialism. As Margaret Thatcher would say, the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money. Obamacare just might run itself out of money a little faster than expected.