Pelosi Afraid to Say Whether Unborn Child is a Human Being

An unborn child is above her pay grade.

She won’t say what it is. She’s afraid to commit either way. If she says that it is a human being, then she’d be openly admitting to supporting the murdering of human beings. If she says that it’s not a human being, then what is it and when does it become a human being?

As usual, she talked an awful lot but didn’t actually say anything:

This is like those cowardly Republicans who won’t answer questions about global warming.

Speaking of global warming, the Senate put the question up for a vote. Apparently, they’ve ruled that global warming is indeed real and “not a hoax.” This isn’t a joke. I mean, it is a joke, but it actually happened. Bernie Sanders put the issue of global warming up for a vote. Because it’s science, and I guess that’s how we determine it now. Politicians can be trusted to make scientific determinations, right? They don’t have any vested interest. They don’t stand to gain anything. The Senate says so; I believe it; that settles it. Therefore, global warming is real and is caused by human activity. And bovine flatulence.

Maybe they should do the same thing with abortion. Some Republican should put the question up for a vote. “Is an unborn child a human being?” If Democrats voted in the affirmative, would that make it “more true?” Would it have any effect at all on the truth if a majority happened to vote in the negative?

Liberals would of course scoff at such a suggestion to have representatives vote on whether unborn babies are human beings. Like Pelosi said, politicians shouldn’t be involved in “determin[ing] what effects the health of a woman, her life, her health, and the rest.” That’s not the politicians’ job.

Unless it has to do with global warming, in which case completely overhauling and taking over the energy industry, bankrupting winners and subsidizing losers, imposing energy rations, applying huge taxes on citizens, and totally controlling our lives is not just important, but necessary for the survival of the human race. “My body, my choice?” Eh, not so much. Not in this case. That rule only applies if you want to murder your unborn child, er…fetus, mass of tissue. Whatever it is. We don’t know, because the Senate hasn’t voted on what it is yet.