PB&J Is Racist? How About SUGGESTING It’s Racist Is Racist?

Since everything is racist, why should conservatives mind being called racist? Seriously, what’s so bad about being called a racist for innocuous things that normal people don’t consider racist?

Conservatives accused of being racist should just say, “Oh? That’s nice,” and then continue debating whatever point it was they were debating before they were accused.

Race-baiters want a reaction. Why give it to them? Shock the left by letting their label slide right off you.

Besides, if conservatives are racist, that means they’re only as bad as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Yeah, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Didn’t you know they were racist? You remember the story, maybe. It’s making the rounds again at Fox News, so I might as well remind you.

An article at PortlandTribune.com began, “Verenice Gutierrez picks up on the subtle language of racism every day. Take the peanut butter sandwich….”

Yeah, so subtle is the racism in a PB & J that it doesn’t even exist.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” says Gutierrez, principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School….

“Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

Hispanics don’t eat peanut butter and jelly? Why? These people aren’t American enough? Is that what Gutierrez is implying?

If I were an activist type, I might suggest contacting the school to troll them, telling them you’re a Hispanic American who was offended that the principal would suggest that you eat sandwiches with pita bread instead of American bread.

There’s nothing anti-Hispanic in what the principal said, but that’s only because she’s a leftist. Wouldn’t it be considered racist if a right-winger suggested that Hispanics don’t eat peanut butter and jelly with white bread, but with pita bread instead? Yes, of course it would.

So if I were the type who were so inclined to troll a leftist at her place of work by giving her a taste of her own race-baiting medicine, I might suggest doing just that. I might suggest it. It happened a year ago, but there’s nothing wrong with a leftist’s remarks coming back to haunt her, is there?

Not that I’m suggesting you contact them.