Park Your Car At The Airport, Win A Free Warrantless Car Search

I suppose they’d bring up “implied consent.” That is, if you use the airport, you are agreeing to use it on their terms, Constitutional violations and all. If you object to these violations, then don’t ever go to the airport. Of course, I’m sure you can also call a complaint hotline, which, after getting through all the prompts, will direct you to “Fred” in a call center in Pakistan.

Some states have implied consent laws pertaining to driving. If you drive on “public” roads and highways, you are consenting to random searches should you be pulled over for any reason. The 4th Amendment does not provide you any recourse in the matter. It’s the price you pay for having the privilege of driving on public roads. It’s just a matter of time before they start searching people’s homes and persons at random, citing implied consent. After all, we don’t have truly private property anymore. We hardly even own ourselves.

The TSA have been searching people’s cars at airports at least since earlier this summer, when I last wrote about it. Actually, it’s not the TSA per se. However, it is a policy that is mandated by the TSA. They simply have a “uniformed officer” who works for the contracted parking company search your car. And they’ll leave a nice little note informing you that “your vehicle has been inspected under TSA regulations.”

A few days ago, the group Young Americans for Liberty posted a picture on their Facebook page showing a large sign that read:

“All cars will be searched by uniformed security as mandated by BAA & TSA. Service provided by AmeriPark.”

That particular sign was located at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama. I got a kick out of the “Service provided by…” part.

They say we should have “no expectation of privacy.” Everything we do now is tracked and logged, and our cars can be searched without probable cause, without warrant and without our consent or knowledge.

Well, except for “implied consent.” If we breathe, then we’re giving our implied consent to be slaves to the State. It’s just the price we pay in order to be “safe” and “free.”