Parents Face Fines and Criminal Charges for Cardboard Fort in Front Yard

Because they made a temporary fort for their children, parents face fines for a “safety violation.”

It’s their property, but these days, no one truly owns anything. You can have your house paid off completely and still be ruled by the city as to what you’re allowed to do with it. And you still have to pay your property taxes, because you don’t truly own it. The government taxes your property and enforces its rules on your property, because it thinks it owns it and you.

These Idaho parents constructed a cardboard fort for their two kids to play in. They probably would have put it in their backyard, but because it was too sloped, they weren’t able to.

It wasn’t up but a day when they got notice from the city of Ogden, telling them that they need to remove the fort within 15 days. When I first read about this, I figured the city believed the fort to be in violation of some city safety codes. But it had nothing to do with that. They considered the cardboard boxes to be “junk and waste material” that needed to be removed.

To their knowledge, no one in their neighborhood had complained about the cardboard boxes. And so what if anyone did? It’s their property.

And like the parents had said, it was cardboard, so it wasn’t going to last long anyway.

What’s particularly troubling is how fast the city bureaucrat was able to post his ultimatum on the family’s front door. Does the city hire snitches to drive around neighborhoods, keeping an eye out for this type of deviant behavior?

It reminds me of the stupid rules our HOA enforced on everyone in our condo complex we used to live in. We were in violation for having the wrong color of shades on our front door. Shades were required, so we got some cheap ones from Walmart. They were light brown. I didn’t even think about the color. I just wanted something cheap. The HOA posted a notice on our door saying we need to have “white or off-white” shades, and so the ones we had were considered “unsightly conditions.”