Parents and Students Ignore Atheist Threats and Pray at High School Football Game

Freedom from Religion Foundation has made it their business to threaten and bully every public school and local government it can to prevent them from exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  At the smallest hint of anything Christian, the atheist group immediately starts hurling their threats of lawsuits in the attempt to bully their target into submission.

When you look at the tactics of the FFRF, they are nothing more than an atheistic extortion racket.  You do what they say or else you’ll pay the consequences.  They carry out their extortion practices under the guise of the erroneous idea of separation of church and state.

In their latest attempt to extort compliance, they targeted Sissonville High School.  Like so many of their other targets of late, Sissonville, West Virginia is a huge metropolis of 4,028 residents just north of Charleston.  Like school yard bullies, the FFRF has a track record of picking on small communities and schools to bully into giving them their freedoms to avoid being beaten up in court.

Instead of cowering in the presence of the FFRF bullies, the citizens of Sissonville decided to stand up for their rights.  At the start of last Friday’s football game, students and parents stood arm-in-arm on the field as the national anthem was played.  When the last note sounded, the unified crowd said the Lord’s Prayer loud enough so that all could hear.

The high school and school officials had nothing to do with it.  It was the students and their parents that stood up and showed that they were not going to allow the bullies to take away their rights.

Jeremy Dys, President and General Counsel of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia commented about the actions of the parents and students:

“The students that night all wore purple to represent the majesty of Christ and the royalty of Christ.  They grabbed arms and linked up arm-in-arm on the football field, the football players as well as the fans. And after the national anthem, they said the Lord’s Prayer out loud in a very good act of solidarity.”

“The reality is that the further and further the Freedom from Religion Foundation pushes us into silence, the more and more I think we are going to see parents and students stand up and say, No more, we can’t have this. We don’t want a godless society. We want one where Christian students have the right to peacefully express their faith even at school, even at a football game.”

Many bullies go away after their first bloody nose, but I’m afraid that the FFRF is going to take a few more bloody noses from other schools and communities before they learn to back off and leave America’s Christians alone.  It’s important that more Christians start standing up to these atheist groups that want nothing more than to force us into giving up our religious freedoms and accepting their atheist ways of life.  If any of these atheist groups come to your area and try to bully you into submission, don’t just cower down and let them have their way.  There are a number of legal groups that help defend our First Amendment rights so get on the internet and find one that will help you.  It’s high time we Christians stop atheist bullies!