Why Are We Outraged At Melissa Harris-Perry?

I don’t exactly want to defend who I’m about to defend—it may even cause me indigestion later on—but people are being ridiculous in attacking her and I want to call out ridiculousness whether its from the left or the right.

I dislike MSNBC’s Melissa “All Your Children Belong to Me” Harris-Perry just as much as the next rightist, but my fellow travelers are getting their phony-outrage panties in a bunch again over something Harris-Perry said.

Or rather, over something Harris-Perry didn’t say.

On her Sunday program on the far-left news channel, Harris-Perry (let’s just call her HP for the remainder of this piece) had several guests to talk about the year 2013 as it comes to an end.

One of their highlights was a photo of Mitt and Ann Romney surrounded by their 22 grandchildren.

All of their grandchildren are white, because that’s how biology works and there’s nothing wrong with that, except for one little black baby perched on Mitt’s right knee. This is Kieran Romney, the adopted son of one of Mitt’s sons.

Conservatives are upset at HP, but I can’t really figure out why. If anything, they should be upset at HP’s guests, but even then, their comments about the picture were pretty benign.

What HP said was that in the year 2040, “the biggest thing of the year will be the wedding between Kieran Romney and North West [Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby]. Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?”

This is what Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus demanded an apology over, calling it “disgusting.”

What the heck? What’s wrong with imagining Kieran Romney marrying North West? It would be an interesting scenario, would it not?

HP’s guests also gave their input.

Pia Glenn said, “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just isn’t the same.” She was quoting a Foo Fighters song, and she simply made an observation: one of those babies isn’t like the others. It’s just a fact!

The worst comment, and by “worst” I mean really not bad at all, was from the Daily Beast’s Dean Obeidallah, who said, “It really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Nobody should be offended at that remark. At all. But if anybody could even think about being offended at that, it would be the Republican Party, not the Romneys. Obeidallah didn’t say anything offensive about the Romneys or about their black baby grandson. He said something that amounted to a playful jab at the Republican Party. He knows there’s not only one black Republican who attends RNC conventions, but he was exaggerating to make a point that there are very few black people in the Republican Party. That’s just a statistical fact. Blacks hate Republicans.

And of course HP apologized, even though absolutely no one was offended. People pretended to be offended so that they could gain points at a liberal’s expense. Liberals do the same, of course, but that just means conservatives are making themselves look an awful lot like the perpetually offended whiners on the left.