Outlaw Bicycles and Falling

Several weeks ago I wrote about how mass shootings have increased since 2000. I linked the increase to anti-gun fanatics who have created more and more gun free zones where criminals are more likely to target.

Consider this FACT for a moment. The vast majority of school shootings occur on gun free campuses. Barack Obama’s daughters attend a school with a minimum of 11 armed guards and it’s never been attacked. You don’t have to be a genius to see the correlation, but liberals like Obama and others continue to push for more gun free zones. If I was a parent, I would tell him that you’ll accept a gun free campus for your kids once he does the same.

When the FBI released their information on the increase of mass shootings the liberal media, and the even more liberal anti-Second Amendment politicians, jumped all over the news. Groups like Moms Demand Action campaigned harder to force stores like Kroger to go gun-free. Supposedly that makes shopping there safer but all it does is make shoppers more vulnerable. The number of armed robberies at Target stores increased once they announced that they were gun free.

But if liberals are really that concerned about saving lives as they claim, then they need to start looking at other areas of American life that claim far more lives than mass shootings. Let’s compare some numbers:

According to the FBI report, from 2000 to 2013, 486 people were killed as a result of mass shootings.

According to the Center for Disease, just in the year 2010, there were 800 people killed involving bicycles. That’s nearly double the number of deaths from mass shootings for a 13 year period in just one year. Perhaps liberals need to take a stronger look at bicycles. Do we need background checks on everyone wanting to purchase a bicycle? Do all bikes need to be registered and certain types banned?

If you are horrified by the number of bicycle accidents, then you better sit down for this next before you fall down. Also according to the CDC in 2010, there were 26,009 deaths attributed to falling. That includes falling from ladders, counters, roofs, trees, mountains, etc. Perhaps we need to take a harsher look at people’s lives and activities. Let’s place safety restrictions on all ladders, requiring a person to wear a safety harness, helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves and a back cushion before using a ladder. Do we need new regulations requiring everyone to put a safety fence along their roofs so they won’t fall off? What about those nasty kitchen counters that you climb on to reach those high cabinets? Mountain climbing needs to be banned completely because it’s impossible to regulate safety while hiking and climbing in the great outdoors.

I trust you see the glaring absurdity of what I’m saying, but it makes a very valuable point. Gun control has nothing to do with safety or preventing lives. It has everything to do with the eventual disarming of American citizens. Liberals like Obama know that there are more guns than people in the US and that as long as so many Americans are well armed and have expressed the fact that they will use those guns to defend themselves against any and all attacks, it would be very difficult for anyone to mount a government takeover. However if they knew who has what guns, they would systematically begin disarming the American people until they are confident that they have the fire power on their side.