Our Evil Sacrifice: Abortion Kills Children

Warning: This piece contains extremely graphic material.

Moral instinct is painted on our hearts from the moment we can comprehend the profound difference between what is good and what is evil; our understanding of darkness and light is intrinsic. Given this, the question must be asked: If we inherently understand moral distinctions, why do we become evil? Worse yet, why do good people close their eyes and cover their ears to the sights and sounds of horror?

It is not nature that erases the ethical mural from our hearts, but mankind, through a slow and deliberate scrubbing. We tear out our ethical integrity so that we may live without moral responsibility. To remove the burden of responsibility allows us to believe we are absolved of our inaction in the face of evil. This is a farce. And this farce allows for the violent deaths of thousands. I speak, of course, of abortion.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, approximately one percent of abortions occur after 20 weeks, meaning roughly 11,000 fully-formed infants are dismembered annually under the banner of “women’s rights.”

We celebrate this procedure. In the same way the Aztecs gutted living sacrifices, offering their bloody hearts to Huitzilopochtli, we sacrifice our children to the god of modern feminism. The blood of our children drips off our hands, dying them like ink, marking us like Cain.

Millions of Americans should be up in arms, publicly condemning this barbarism, yet we simply close our eyes.

abortion1 abortion2 abortion3

If you can look at these images, and continue to support abortion, you are not human.

We are not animals; we have intellect and empathy. It is incomprehensible to think that something so vile can go on in the United States unabated, and we just don’t care enough to do anything. We have relinquished our humanity.

If we do nothing, our hands will be as bloodied as those who participate in this depraved ritual, because we cannot absolve ourselves of responsibility by pretending evil isn’t real.

Evil is real, and it’s legal.