Oregon’s First Lady Admits to Immigration Fraud Marriage

When I mention the state of Oregon, what comes to your mind? Do think about scenery that ranges from the coastal areas to the evergreen covered mountains to the plains in the south eastern part of the state? Do you think of Portland, the City of Roses?

When I think of Oregon, I think of it as being one of the more liberal states in the nation. They were the first state to legalize assisted suicide. Earlier this year, they legalized same-sex marriage after a federal judge ruled the state’s constitutional amendment was illegal.

Now consider the fact that Oregon’s Democratic Governor, John Kitzhaber is living with his longtime girlfriend Cylvia Hayes. Liberals see nothing wrong with this, but I still see it as fornication and against God’s statutes.

If that isn’t bad enough, Hayes has assumed the role of Oregon’s Frist Lady, which should cause concern about her and his moral values and ethics. The First Lady has recently admitted that she took part in an immigration scheme that was illegal.

At the age of 29, she married 18 year old Abraham B. Abraham of Ethiopia, purely for the purpose of bringing him into the US. They legally divorced five years later. This constitutes immigration fraud, but since the statute of limitations has expired, there is nothing that will be legally done to her.

Now add to the mix that Hayes was paid $5,000 to marry Abraham and bring him to the States. In my book that makes Hayes guilty of prostitution, especially if she ever had relations with him during their five year marriage.

In a public apology, Hayes stated:

“This was a difficult and unstable period in my life. I was struggling to put myself through college and was offered money in exchange for marrying a young person who had a chance to get a college degree himself if he were able to remain in the United States. [Because she] was ashamed and embarrassed over the fraudulent marriage, I did not share this information even with John once we met and started dating.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe Hayes has any business being the Frist Lady of any state, but with the liberal reputation of Oregon, I suspect that they’ll all embrace her and call her an immigration hero and make her a role model.