Oppression Grows As Liberals Censor Abortion Display In Alabama

Submitting to censorship is to enter the seductive world of ‘The Giver’: the world where there are no bad words and no bad deeds. But it is also the world where choice has been taken away and reality distorted. And that is the most dangerous world of all.” – Lois Lowry

Those in power exercise censorship. Whether it’s through deliberate misinformation, or more insidiously, by omission, individuals in positions of power tend to bend toward censoring their enemies. The urge to censor is pervasive. Have you ever been spoken against, or called out for something you said, or did, and done your best to shut the other person up? That instinct is one of self-preservation. It’s social survival at work.

Censorship, at its core, is about survival. It is about survival of singular ideas, and survival of what the powerful want to be true—whether it’s really true or not. Censorship places hands over the ears of the people, cutting off the flow of competing ideas, and creating a monopoly of information. This monopoly allows the elites to control the way we think. Without opposing opinions, we lose the ability to think critically. We become drones.

This is censorship taken to the extreme, of course, but in our current American society, our perspectives are slowly and surreptitiously being distorted. And if you think censorship of conservative principles isn’t taking place, you should think again. According to The Daily Caller:

Administrators at the University of Alabama secretly removed an anti-abortion display because some students found it offensive — a clear violation of pro-life students’ First Amendment rights, according to a free speech group.”

This pro-life display showed images of aborted infants, which apparently offended some students. The university replied to complaints regarding the removal of the pro-life display by claiming that they have the right to remove offensive materials, and that the removal of those materials is enforced evenly. However, according to Campus Reform, previous displays included full male nudity, yet those were not removed.

Those who found the abortion display offensive are part of a much larger problem. They, and the elites in the liberal ranks, know very well the weakness of their belief in abortion. They know that displaying images showing the aftermath of abortions may cause people to question what they’ve been told by the liberal machine. Seeing the truth may cause people to evolve, and the liberal machine cannot have that. They must retain intellectual control at all times. Given that most university staff are ardently liberal, they are simply a piece of the larger machine.

I continue to use the word “machine” because that is exactly what we are fighting: a structured organism, built for the sole purpose of propagandizing. The liberal structure is immense, and wildly influential. They will continue to censor the truth, because if they don’t, their operation will disintegrate under the immense weight of reality. Their operation—this powerful machine—must be stopped, and we can do it by sharing stories like this.

Wake up the drones. Uncensor.