Opinion Polls Are Cancer To A Democracy

The nation will find it very hard to look up to the leaders who are keeping their ears to the ground.” –Winston Churchill

The strength of our nation is found at its core in its morals. Its ability to understand the difference between what feels good and what is righteous. Every day America’s morality is being reshaped by the use of public opinion polls; polls our government conveniently points to as an accurate estimation of ideological fact. If you are frustrated by an unresponsive government, look no further than the pollsters for they have made it fashionable for the government to ignore what’s decent so the weak can feel good.

Look back just a few years and re-examine our national opinion on such issues as immigration, same sex marriage, gun control and fiscal responsibility. When compared to today—as reflected in public opinion polls—we see a stark change in what Americans are supposedly willing to support now. A change that I would argue is a direct result of this intentional process used by media and government to weaken or re-direct—ever so incrementally—public opinions they find problematic for our legislators.

To be honest, I think most people recognize that a majority of Americans will go along with the crowd. Shared responsibility is always preferred when it comes time to take a stand on an issue. After all, it’s easier and less confrontational to be a lemming than a bull in a china shop.  For many, a convenient loss of self-respect is easier to take than to be labeled as intolerant or racist. Our government knows that. They exploit Americans addiction to convenience, and over time, find the opinions that serve politically expedient decisions.

In general most Americans would rather answer a skillfully designed poll question than to write a letter demanding action from their representatives. Point and click and you too can participate in the American experiment with complete anonymity. It’s a coward’s response, but it makes many feel important and proud, after all, what can I do? I’m just one person.

According to today’s polls, Americans support—in some small degree—every single liberal fantasy that is destroying the moral core of our nation. Abortion, gay marriage, amnesty, gun control, ending the wars and fiscal suicide; have now been labeled the new norm in American culture and our government loves it. Polls have now eliminated the need for representation as they just listen—with their ears to the ground—and wait for the numbers to shift just enough for them to jump off their fences in support of the wrong thing and blame it on popular opinion.

Personally, I am sick and tired of the phrase “Americans overwhelmingly support”. Since when does a poll that breaks the 50% threshold represent a measure of overwhelming support? If overwhelming support were the prevailing motivator for our government there would be no such thing as “Obamacare”, abortion on demand would be illegal, marriage would be between a man and a woman, no one would be pushing 2 for Spanish, the 2nd amendment would be sacrosanct, Islam wouldn’t be a growing threat and deficits and debt would never occur. Oh, yeah and a whole bunch of them would be in prison. Let’s not forget that.

Every year that we wait for our government to act, public opinion is swindled away by pollsters and our so called leaders. An activist electorate is the only way we will ever send a strong and resounding message to our government about what we support. Relying on public opinion sampling is a dangerous trend in America. It will only serve to weaken our national morals as the next generation of convenience loving Americans takes over.