Openly Gay Republican Candidate Receives Warm Welcome Among Voters

American society is a child making mud pies who believes that the pies are edible. Conservatives are the parents who keep taking the mud pies away right as the child is about to put the pie in his mouth. That child, always with a parent to prevent him from making mistakes, will grow up, move out, and make worse mistakes in his life and not know how to handle the consequences. My desire is for conservatives to finally let the children (liberals) eat the mud pies (have their way), thus guaranteeing they will never try it again.

My desire, in other words, as I wrote yesterday, is for the Republican Party to dissolve so that we can temporarily live under Democratic Party tyranny and thus, over time, turn more people off of liberalism. With Republicans becoming more liberal over time, we’re heading in that direction anyway, so we should just cut to the chase. Once we’re living in such a society, the majority of the people will hate what has been.  Letting them eat their mud pie of a society without conservatives and other rightists trying to stop them from doing so will ultimately create in that society a strong distaste for leftism.

Here’s a fine example of where the Republican Party stands right now: Carl DeMaio.

Carl DeMaio is a California man running for Congress. He is also a homosexual.

Not only is he a homosexual, but his boyfriend (they’re called “partners” in the LGBT community) is featured in his ads and he goes with him on the campaign trail. In other words, DeMaio is being honest about who he is, which is good…but he’s running as a Republican.

He says he doesn’t “see it as such a big deal,” but in the ad he and his boyfriend are draping themselves in a rainbow flag while the narrator of the ad says of DeMaio, “He believes in equality and diversity and is a defender of our personal freedoms.”

Equality is a lie, diversity is a danger and a hindrance to peace, and the homosexual’s bastardization of marriage is not a personal freedom.

But Republican voters, liberals that they have become, are totally fine with DeMaio’s run. As he wrote on his Facebook page, “WOW–The national news coverage of our ‘New Generation Republican’ video has resulted in an AMAZING outpouring of support in the last 24 hours. I’m so very grateful for the warm and positive thoughts—and I know that we speak for thousands who wish to see a ‘new generation’ have the change [sic] to transform politics. I know we can do this!!”

Either those supporters are merely pretending to be supportive because they want to seem inclusive and they want to be popular among deviant voters (“See? The Republican Party is tolerant!”), or they truly are supportive. In either of those cases, they deserve to lose to any given Democrat; Democrats at least acknowledge and indeed pride themselves on their deviancy. Republicans are just joining in on the orgy in order to be accepted.

Last Friday, Vice President Joe Biden said that “there isn’t a Republican Party.” Would that that were so! Without a Republican Party, society would be forced to eat all the liberal mud pies it creates, eventually getting so sick of them that they’d be begging for an escape from leftism.

So hurry up, you Grand Old Party, and die already.