One Variance From Status Quo On TV Brings Wails And Moans

I would never watch The View, since its real name is The View Of Statist Pagan Women. But they had a token (pro-war, I think) “conservative” on the show in the person of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck has decided to go to a network that, for better or worse, actually gets watched. So The View needed to replace her.

And now they did. Cue, moans, howls, rent clothing, and gashing of flesh with stones.

Jenny McCarthy will be the new co-host on the view. And this makes people angry. Personally, if I cared about The View, I would be angry that a woman whose claim to fame is the willingness to pose for Playboy and sell-out her conservative Catholic upbringing for use as a form of eroticism was getting such a position. They have certainly ruled out any real conservative voice. According to Wikipedia, McCarthy was warned about her future damnation. I suppose she thinks she knows better. Appearing nude brings fame and fortune on MTV, Dick Clark’s New Year’s show, and now a stint co-hosting The View. I guess she thinks that will end the story with nothing more to worry about.

But the uproar against her new position on The View doesn’t come from conservatives. It comes from people who are furious that McCarthy believes and states that autism is linked to vaccines.

“Though it’s unlikely the subject will come up every day, or even very often, the mere fact that McCarthy is being given a national platform is enough to worry some of her critics. ‘I think a network hiring a homicidal maniac, giving her a forum in front of people who have young children and are impressionable, is the most irresponsible thing I’ve heard of in a long time,’ said Michael Specter, a New Yorker magazine staff writer and author of the book, ‘Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives.’”

I don’t have a strong opinion one way or other on the possible link between autism and vaccines. But I have to say that the mockery and opposition that McCarthy has received in the past on this issue, and the reaction now to her new position on The View, makes me doubt the official story. Big Pharma is powerful enough to hire a vaccine-loving spokesmodel who is prettier than McCarthy. So what do they have to fear? Are McCarthy’s arguments so good that the only way to handle her is to keep her silent?

More generally, why is everyone required to believe the same stuff in order to be worthy of a infotainment show? It is amazing to me that people get so upset when they discover that American life and culture does not only allow people who agree with every jot and tittle of their creed. So what if McCarthy has a weird belief? Refute it and allow her what success she has.

It is telling that McCarthy’s morality brings her no noticeable negative reaction. But her divergence from Pharma orthodoxy provokes howls.