One Reason For The Decline Of America: Disability Leeches

Tom Hodgkinson said: “History is dotted with individuals and groups who decided that laziness was next to godliness and work was a waste of time.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I am sometimes a lazy guy. To a certain extent, laziness isn’t a bad thing, so long as it doesn’t force others to have to work harder in your place; it can be a necessary recoup. What I cannot tolerate is laziness that harms. Laziness that contributes to a degeneration of society and a deterioration of a country is dangerous. One who is lazy is not only hurting others, but hurting themselves as well.

As more and more Americans cash in on government benefits, sloth is becoming more and more prevalent. Through government handout programs, we are cultivating a society of bums. Sure, there are those for whom government programs are designed: the truly needy; but what about those who aren’t so needy? With the skyrocketing number of people on disability and food stamps, I am willing to argue that a large portion of people benefitting from government handouts are gaming the system. In fact, we know that many people game the system, because human nature dictates it.

According to The Washington Examiner:

In 2009, the Social Security Administration conducted a detailed study of disability recipients’ characteristics, desire to work and their impediments from doing so. Geared towards academics, only the raw, individual-level responses were released, and until the Examiner’s analysis here, there has been little in the way of published tallies…The survey included responses from 2,300 disability benefits recipients…there are approximately 11 million SSDI (those who have held jobs for significant periods of time and paid at least partially into Social Security before becoming disabled) recipients…Among the most notable results of the survey: Returning to work is not a goal for 71 percent of the SSDI recipients…75 percent of the SSDI recipients don’t see themselves returning to work within five years…72 percent of the small number of SSDI recipients who started a job while on disability got cash under the table…24 percent of the SSDI recipients lack even GEDs.”

Even more disturbing are the more specific survey questions and answers, such as:

Q: Have you received any training to help you get a new job or change careers?

A: No = 92%

Q: Have you enrolled in school or taken any classes to help {you/him/her} get a new job or change careers?

A: No = 94%

Q: Have you been looking for work during the last four weeks?

A: No = 96%

What we have here is chronic laziness. We have people who got a taste of the easy life, and decided not to do anything to change their circumstances. These people—those who do not truly need assistance, and are unwilling to even make an attempt to better themselves—are failures.

As Robert Half said: “Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails.”

These people are letting themselves down; they are not living up to their potential as human beings. If this inertia only affected those behaving lazily, I’d say “Go for it. You’re wasting your life, but go for it.” However, their laziness affects the entire country. Taxpayer dollars are being unnecessarily spent on people who couldn’t care less about finding a job. This behavior will continue and become much worse as long as Liberals are in control.

I have a message for those whose laziness is destroying our country: Stop failing at life, and make an attempt to better yourself. You are a leech on society, sucking away our life-blood. America only works if we do.