The One Demographic Needed For GOP To Win Elections

A piece at The Guardian written by black conservative Crystal Wright accuses the Republican National Committee of making phony promises when, after the 2012 election, they said they would make a stronger effort to reach out to non-whites.

“To keep up appearances,” writes Wright, “the RNC hired a handful of blacks this year and featured the black Republican house speaker from Oklahoma, TW [sic] Shannon, as a speaker in its Rising Stars Program at the RNC’s summer meeting in Boston. But when it’s time to support actual black candidates in primaries against white candidates, the RNC treats black Republicans like the plague.”

Wright’s criticisms ignore two key points, though.

The first is that the RNC may have made those promises, but nobody’s ethnicity should come into higher consideration than a person’s policies (and into no consideration at all, in a perfect world).

Wright uses the case of black Republican Erika Harold’s congressional race as an example of the RNC’s backing of white candidates over black candidates. Harold is a conservative who is challenging white male Republican Rodney Davis’s congressional seat for Illinois’ 13th district. The RNC is supporting white incumbent Davis over black challenger Harold.

The reason the RNC is backing Davis over Harold is not a matter of race, though; it is a matter of policy. The RNC is run by standard-fare Republicans, Republicans such as Rep. Rodney Davis. Erika Harold is a conservative, just the sort of politician the RNC never backs regardless of ethnicity. I don’t care what the RNC does with the money it receives—mainly because it’s not my money since I don’t donate to them (and neither should you). And they may be supporting RINOs in elections big and small, but at least they’re getting something right: that support isn’t race-based. Move on, Crystal Wright.

The second thing Wright ignores in her criticism of the RNC, and a fact that the RNC itself ignores, is that, no, Republicans don’t need minority voters to win elections. I used to believe they did, but I was foolish back then. Call me racist, but Republicans need to court whites.

Republicans need to stop pandering to blacks and Hispanics. Republicans lost the 2012 election because they didn’t win enough white voters. They reached out to non-whites as if their votes would have had any effect on Mitt Romney’s results. But since whites are the biggest majority in America, their vote is truly the only one that matters. Sorry, but facts are facts. Non-whites are only 25 percent of the American population. Republicans need to give white people, who are three quarters of the population, a reason to vote for them, otherwise they will keep losing. Conservatives who deny this are cowards toeing the line of their own political correctness.