Ohio Parents Outraged Over Trans “Female” Student Using the Girls’ Restroom

If you’re a guy, and you want to use the girls’ restroom for whatever reason, just claim that you “identify” as a girl, and then school officials have to let you use that restroom. Even if the school has a gender-neutral restroom, the trans student cannot be forced to use it. By federal law, the student can use whichever restroom is appropriate for whichever gender he identifies with.

I don’t really understand the correlation between restrooms/locker rooms and one’s gender “identity.” The purpose of having gender-specific restrooms is to keep boys and girls separate. It has to do with a person’s biological sex, the sex with which he or she was born. In other words, it doesn’t matter how a person “identifies,” if he has male anatomy, he needs to use the boys’ restroom. If she has female anatomy, she needs to use the girls’ restroom. This means that even if a boy identifies as a girl, he needs to stick to the boys’ restroom. It doesn’t matter that he’s wearing a dress, a wig and makeup.

Transgender people like to point out that a person’s biological sex is not necessarily the gender with which he (or she) identifies. Fine. This has nothing to do with that. The purpose of separating restrooms has everything to do with people’s physical anatomy. CNS News reported:

At a board of education meeting on Tuesday night, citizens of the Northwest Local School District in McDermott, Ohio expressed outrage that a male student in the district is using his school’s female bathrooms. The student considers himself transgender, which means he identifies as the sex opposite his biological one.

“I despise it,” said Patty Crabtree, who attended the meeting. “We’re Christians, we don’t believe in this all these different types of males and females, you know what we have now. We have slowly watched all of our rights, not all of them, but our Christian rights are being taken from us. We are tired of it.”

Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments of 1972 protects a student’s right to use the bathroom that correlates with his or her gender identity. While unisex bathrooms are available in the schools, teachers cannot force students to use them.

“When you address it as though it’s the board or this district alone, that’s not correct,” Keith Crabtree, president of the Northwest School Board, said. “I just want to correct that because this is national thing, this is not our decision. We don’t have the power to make a decision like that.”

If Christians are this upset over this issue, they need to take their kids out of the government school system. Find a way to pay for their tuition at a Christian school, or homeschool them.