Oh Boo Hoo! It Took a Murdering Rapist 26 Minutes to Die

Anti-death penalty people are all up in arms over the execution of Dennis McGuire last week in Ohio.  A new cocktail of drugs took 26 minutes before they snuffed the life from McGuire.  The old cocktail of drugs they usually used only took 15 minutes.  Liberal bleeding hearts are crying that McGuire’s death was cruel and tortuous and that it took far too long.  They are using his example of why the death penalty should be repealed.  After all, they say, we’re far too sophisticated to stoop to such barbaric punishment as the death penalty.

I wonder if any of these people bothered to take one minute to consider 22 year old Joy Stewart.  In February 1989, Stewart was a newlywed who was expecting her first child.  She was approximately 7 months pregnant when McGuire violently raped her, then stabbed her and slit her throat and then left her body, along with that of her unborn child, in the woods to rot.  Shortly after Joy Stewart and her unborn child were murdered, Kenny Stewart, her new husband committed suicide.

You can be certain that Stewart experienced a far worse torture for a longer period of time than McGuire did strapped on the table with a needle in his arm.  But McGuire’s adult daughter Amber is suing the state of Ohio over the tortuous execution of her father.

I know some of you are also against the death penalty, but let me ask you two things:

1) Have you ever considered what the victims went through? How long did they suffer and what kind of pain, physical and emotional, did they go through before their lives were savagely taken from them?

2) Are we more sophisticated than our Almighty Creator God?  God made it clear that the penalty for murder was death.  He never hinted about a life sentence or even a 15-50 years sentence.  In fact, there are at least 18 crimes punishable by death in the Bible.  In addition to murdering someone, God also said that if someone caused the death of an unborn child that that person shall also be put to death.  So in reality, McGuire deserved 2 death sentences according to God’s law.

And before some of you start to get all up in arms and claim that Jesus did away with the law you are dead wrong?  Jesus fulfilled the temple law, thus eliminating the needs for the temple sacrifices and the intermediation of the priests, but He never repealed the law.

I feel sorry for McGuire and his daughter Amber, but he brought that upon himself when he raped and murdered a young pregnant newlywed.  As a Christian, I care dearly for life and believe that life is worth defending.  But I also believe in the Word of God and when He says a murderer shall be put to death, I accept that as His wisdom and His statute to be followed.