Offended By Halloween Costumes? Grow Up!

Colleges around the country are telling their customers, sometimes referred to as students, not to dress up for Halloween as anything that could possibly be deemed offensive.

The University of Colorado at Boulder instructs their students not to dress up as “white trash” or anything hyper-sexual. Presumably slutty NASCAR chicks are a double no-no. Also, no ghetto or crime-associated themes at Halloween parties, a redundant distinction.

“Making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture,” says Christina Gonzales, dean of students, “either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other people’s cultures.”

So? We can only be offended by what we choose to let offend us. So what if someone decides to let a silly Halloween costume offend him?

Officials for the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities cautioned not to wear costumes that “inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes.”

What is so inappropriate about stereotypes? Stereotypes were not randomly created. They emerged from persistently observed patterns among races and cultures. If a stereotype is “inappropriate,” then it means the members of a stereotyped demographic have been observed to be generally inappropriate. One racial stereotype (i.e., observed pattern) is that young black men are prone to crime. As Ann Coulter wrote, “It must be hard for young black males to always be viewed as criminals by people who notice crime statistics.” And Steve Sailer, making the same point: “The win-win solution against stereotyping is for blacks to stop living down to their profiles.”

And who says we shouldn’t do things that might offend others? It’s not our business of people choose to be offended. Are liberals really assuming that people are dressing certain ways for reasons other than the fact that it’s Halloween? When liberals see a little boy dressed as Dracula on October 31, do they assume that he always dresses that way and that he does so because he likes to make fun of the paste-white pallor of Romanians? And does he believe Romanians are bloodthirsty shut-ins? Because I imagine there would be quite a few people from Romania offended at a Dracula costume. Romanians, that is, who don’t understand that the boy is just having fun.

It would seem that the only things we’re allowed to wear for Halloween, according to liberals, are frog or pumpkin costumes. Ah, but wait, the frog costume would offend the PETA people and the pumpkin costume would offend the farmers. How about just going as a rock? Nope, that’d offend the handful of people who still believe Al Gore is credible, the Gaia-worshipers.

So do what you want, folks. There will always be people offended at something you’re doing, always people to tell you you’re doing something wrong. Wear your sombreros if you’re trick-or-treating as a Mexican; drape gold chains around your neck and wear your pants at your ankles if you’re trick-or-treating as a black man (don’t forget shoe polish for your face!); and tuck your shirt into your high-waisted pants and enunciate your words with immaculate precision if you’re trick-or-treating as a white man (don’t forget powder for your face!). Just have fun. If someone is offended that you’re turning their race or their culture into a caricature, the problem is not you; the problem is them for turning life into one big depressing slog.