Obama’s Workout Video and Why Conservatives Aren’t Taken Seriously

President Obama was caught on camera at a hotel gym lifting weights. I saw the video and, before I read any comments, I knew what they would be. In fact, I knew what the comments would be before I even saw the video.

One reason I stopped calling myself a conservative was because of how embarrassing it was to associate with a group of people who had become just as petty as the liberals and Democrats. As maturity goes, conservatives are not there. At all. They’re just as childish as liberals.

Obama is a skinny guy. He’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s not even Paul Ryan. He’s not a bodybuilder and fitness isn’t one of his hobbies. So why would you guys we expect anything more than smallish weights?

Tea Party News Network, where the writers are hysterics who don’t know the meaning of the words “pragmatic” and “levelheaded,” posted the video, as did so many other websites, introducing it like so:

I don’t care who you are or what your political affiliation is, this is painful to watch.

It’s painful to a partisan hack, sure, but otherwise all I see is a guy working out, overdubbed with music meant to mock him.

An observing bystander filmed Obama, unbeknownst to the Secret Service, while he was “working out” at his hotel in Poland.

Why is “working out” in quotes? Is the only true workout one that builds muscle rather than simply gets the heart pumping?

This pathetic display of strength

It’s not a display. It’s a workout.

in the weight room runs parallel to his anemic display of strength as a leader, both domestically and in foreign affairs.

I just can’t stand this. I’ve said before that conservatives should stick to their principles, and I still say that. But is petty bull crap what conservatives want to be known for? Do they want Independents and moderates to hear them and think, “They’re whining about Obama’s workout? Dang. There really must be a shortage of legitimate criticisms to level at him if they’re so willing to criticize a workout.”

When conservatives get called racists, they like to quote Margaret Thatcher: “[I]f they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

Sorry, guys, you don’t get to quote that and then attack someone for such an idiotic, inconsequential, embarrassingly trivial thing as how big of weights someone lifts. Not everything needs to be fodder.

Here are some comments left by different morons, typos and unnecessarily capitalized letters included:

Did you ALL love the way he paused, while searching for the lightest possible weight? Was that a 2lb dumbell he was STRAINING with? I’ve Seen the Senior Gals in the over 80 aerobics class pump more iron than our lightweight Prez can.

They looked more like 15-pounders, and no, geriatric women don’t lift 15 pounds.

Pathetic! What a POS pansy. My daughter that weighs 90 lbs. could whip this whimp in arm wrestling.

If you can’t lift a certain weight, this Tea Partier thinks you’re a POS.

How much did it cost tax payers for this crack head to work out in private.

Ex-crackhead, and probably not much, if anything. Every president works out. Choose your battles.

One rare, reasonable conservative commented, “I don’t like Obama but don’t bash him for not being athletic. Everyone needs to start somewhere.” To which a common, crazed conservative replied, “A wussy routine like that!? He might as well sit around and eat cupcakes rather than work out like one.”

Ah, so that’s why Americans are such fatties. They think it’s better to “sit around and eat cupcakes” rather than get some cardio.

Here’s my last example, this time from an elderly conservative with the maturity of a second-grader

I’ll bet he pee’d his pants.

I’ll bet he also knows when not to use an apostrophe.

Grow up, people, or you’re going to alienate yourselves more than you already have. And remove the Caps Lock key from your keyboard if you want even a chance of sounding reasonable.