Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Fraud

“One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective. Election and power are.” – Cal Thomas

As you may have surmised by reading the above quote, I want to talk about ethics. Ethics in politics? Yes. As much, and as often as I am disheartened by the absolute moral, and intellectual bankruptcy in Washington, I have never become numb to it. My reaction to this grotesque parade of lying liars, however, has evolved. I used to become upset with the politicians themselves, but as time has passed, I have become angry with the American people. That’s not to say that Obama doesn’t enrage me on a daily basis, but responsibility, and culpability are a two way street.

The Keystone pipeline has everything going for it. It would allow us a modicum of freedom in terms of energy independence, it would create jobs, and it wouldn’t hurt the environment—despite what the enviro-losers need us to believe, so that they may stay relevant, and thus have a reason to continue to live. There are no conceivable cons to building this pipeline. However, President Obama continues to delay signing off on it. And once again, he has pushed it back.

According to Fox politics:

“The Obama administration Friday extended the review period for the pipeline, effectively pushing back the final decision until after this fall’s midterm elections. The State Department said they need more time to review public comments and assess any impact a pending lawsuit might have on the project.”

Ah. Classic strategy is being employed by the supreme leader. Obama has a particular constituency which he is afraid he will offend by signing off on the pipeline. He’s afraid that those voters will not support his fellow Democrats in the upcoming elections. This is the point at which I become annoyed with Obama. He is playing politics. He is denying the United States—presumably the country he serves—a chance at energy independence, and new jobs. He is doing harm to his own people in order to serve himself, and his acolytes.

Obama is behaving badly enough. Obama is a liar, and a morally empty person. We know that. But here is where I become upset with all of us. This pipeline is an important issue, and one with which many people are concerned. Obama has employed a strategy that anyone with two brain cells could see through, yet come November, the pipeline will not be on our minds. People will enter the voting booths, pull the curtain, and check the name with the D next to it. Then, weeks later, when the pipeline comes up again, Obama can do whatever he wants, because he will have hidden the issue from the voters.

Are we that stupid? Are we that easily fooled? Apparently so, because things like this happen every election cycle. We’re Charlie Brown, and the Democrats are Lucy. They hold the football, we go in for the kick, and they pull it away. And we fall for it every time. I’m afraid of us. Which makes me angry. We are a people who are frighteningly easy to deceive, and we have a President who is a master deceiver. Those are not good odds. We are culpable if the Democrats keep the Senate. It will be our fault for not speaking up, and changing minds.

Don’t let Obama get away with the great keystone pipeline fraud. He has moved the issue until after the elections. It’s our move now. We have to be louder than ever, not just about this issue, but about the entirety of Obama’s psychotic agenda. The election is coming and we need to convert some non-believers. We need to teach people about the fraudster in chief, so they don’t remain blind to his chess move. This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime, and time is running out.