Obama’s Hypocritical Religious Freedom Proclamation

Wednesday was Religious Freedom Day in America.  Since religion in no longer important to our national leaders, I bet you weren’t even aware of the occasion, were you?

Even though President Barack Obama took the spotlight on Wednesday by announcing his gun control agenda and signing 23 executive orders concerning gun control, he did manage to issue a statement for Religious Freedom Day.  However, when I read his statement, I wanted to shout LIAR in his face and accuse him of total hypocrisy.  Our president is not one to practice what he preaches.

In his proclamation, Obama wrote:

“Foremost among the rights Americans hold sacred is the freedom to worship as we choose. Today, we celebrate one of our Nation’s first laws to protect that right — the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Written by Thomas Jefferson and guided through the Virginia legislature by James Madison, the Statute affirmed that “Almighty God hath created the mind free” and “all men shall be free to profess … their opinions in matters of religion.” Years later, our Founders looked to the Statute as a model when they enshrined the principle of religious liberty in the Bill of Rights.

Because of the protections guaranteed by our Constitution, each of us has the right to practice our faith openly and as we choose…

Today, we also remember that religious liberty is not just an American right; it is a universal human right to be protected here at home and across the globe. This freedom is an essential part of human dignity, and without it our world cannot know lasting peace.

As we observe Religious Freedom Day, let us remember the legacy of faith and independence we have inherited, and let us honor it by forever upholding our right to exercise our beliefs free from prejudice or persecution…”

If Obama meant what he wrote, then how does he explain his forcing Christians to go against their faith concerning their dealings with homosexuals and the contraception mandate?  Christians, Jews and other religions have been forced to violate their religious faiths by the Obama administration just to justify someone living a sinful and abominable lifestyle.  Then Christian business owners are forced by Obama to violate their faith in providing contraceptives and abortifacients.

His actions speak louder than words and his actions say that his proclamation was nothing more than a lying sham, which is consistent with Barack Obama.