Obama’s Foreign Policy Has Failed but at What Cost

Ever since taking office, President Barack Obama has concentrated most of his foreign policy efforts to woo the Muslim nations of the Middle East and surrounding area.  He has repeatedly bowed down to their leaders and apologized for every little American snub or insult to Islam.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has carried out his Islamic directives and likewise bowed down to Muslim leaders across the globe.  Even her closest aide and advisor has direct family ties to the Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.  Together, Obama and Clinton have allowed themselves and the United States to be used as door mats upon which the Muslim world wipes their dirty feet.

Obama helped to overthrow Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Moamar Ghadfi in hopes of winning over these influential Muslim nations.  In Egypt, the new government under the leadership of Mohamed Morsi is worse than that of Mubarak.  Under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, they have initiated the slaughter and annihilation of all Christians in the country.

In Libya, who knows who’s really ruling since the departure of Ghadafi.  The only thing that seems to be certain is that who is ruling likes America’s money and nothing more.

Our relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan are the worse in years and are strained to the breaking limits.  Pakistan’s President Karzai, is treating the United States more like an enemy than an ally.

Instead of taking a tough stand on Iran as the Bush administration had done, Obama continues to want to talk and talk and talk and talk. His policy with Iran reminds me of a parent who keeps threatening to spank a child for misbehaving but never follows through with the threat.  And like the child who learns that mom or dad never intends to make their words good, Iran keeps on misbehaving and even dares to do more and more.

The result of Obama’s foreign policy has only served to make the United States look weak and impotent in the eyes of the Muslim world.  This weakness only serves to embolden them to be more violent towards America and its citizens.  I’ve heard a number of Islamic experts say that Obama is considered to be a joke to the Muslim world.

And while he spends so much effort courting those who are growing to despise us all the more, he has been alienating some of the few allies we have left.  He has turned Israel against the U.S. and has greatly strained relations with Russia’s Putin.

But the real victims of Obama’s foreign policy are the thousands of Christians being attacked, beaten, burned and murdered.  Obama defends all things Muslim and apologizes for any little attack on them while he stands idly by and ignores the Christian persecution taking place in Muslim lands.  In fact, his foreign policy has helped increase the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Nigeria and other Muslim nations but he seems to care little about them.

America used to be viewed by the world as a world power that stood tall and strong in the defense of freedom.  Thanks to Obama, much of the world sees us more like a skit from Saturday Night Live that no one takes serious anymore.  Yep, thanks to Obama, we’ve gone from the doorway to freedom to the doormat of despise and mockery.