Obama’s Failed Border Policies Kill More People Per Day Then Firearms

President Obama‘s failing gun control campaign peppered the air waves with the slogan “If we can save just one life.”  However, when it comes to the estimated 17,000 annual deaths from illegal drugs flowing over our porous southern border with Mexico, the President is remarkably silent. President Obama’s four years of border control failures have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of American men, women and children.

The President does not have the legal power to legislate gun control for any purpose even if it sounds honorable. However, Obama does have a legal obligation to protect American citizens and secure the US borders. Since Obama took office, Mexican drug cartels have moved record loads of illegal drugs, relatively unencumbered, across the US southern border. The current year’s data is not available, but based upon 2010 data; these trafficked drugs have killed over twice as many Americans (over 17,000) as those taken in firearm homicides (8036). In fact, in 2010 there were more illicit drug use deaths in America then accidental non-lethal firearms shootings.

Obama’s failure to secure the US/Mexico border and curb the flow of illicit drugs into American communities kills more Americans in one month than all mass school or public shootings have in the last 50 years. So where is the liberal moral outrage and calls for increasing border security and cracking down on Mexican drug cartels and street gangs? Too many American lives sacrificed to careless and questionable Department of Homeland Security Border Protection strategies while our Congress is discussing immigration reform instead of the drug war raging on American soil. In America, 90% of the illicit drugs sold, purchased, and consumed are brought across the US/Mexican border.

The White House web page (www.whitehouse.gov) entitled “Consequences of Illicit Drug Use in America” provided the following facts:

  •  “Compared to other causes of preventable deaths, drug-induced causes exceeded the 31,224 deaths from injuries due to firearms “(Note: 2/3 of all firearms deaths are suicides).
  •  “About 2.1 million youth lived with a parent who was dependent on or abused illicit drugs”
  • “The economic cost of drug abuse in the US was estimated at $180.9 billion in 2002, the last available estimate.”

Over 40 Americans die every day from illicit drug use. If an American corporation were responsible for bringing a product to market that fueled the deaths and economic carnage occurring across our nation, liberal politicians and left wing social activists would be calling for their scalps. Responsible parties would feel the full power and force of the Executive Branch. Vice President, Joe Biden, would be beating the Congressional bushes for support for new legislation designed to save children’s lives and make American communities safer from evil industrialists. So why are the Mexican government, drug cartels and drug gangs given an Obama exemption? Are the millions of dollars in campaign contributions worth more than the life of one child, Mr. President? Again, what happened to “if we can just save one life?”

Two days ago, worthless gun control legislation was defeated in the US Senate and President Obama called it a “shameful day for Washington. “ I will give you shameful. Every year that Barrack Obama has held office, Mexican drug cartel cross border illicit drug trafficking has increased and so has its associated drug deaths and human carnage. The US/Canadian border, a place that most Americans falsely assume is secure has also seen increases in the volume of designer drugs flowing to America.

I recognize that using illicit drugs are a choice and choices come with consequences, however, if liberals like Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly were truly concerned with keeping our schools, our families and our children save from indiscriminate acts of violence, perhaps they should consider securing US borders instead of feel good gun regulation and immigration reform. Time is better spent on a national border security policy that would save thousands of lives and families instead of trying to convince America that guns were the problem.

Bringing illicit drugs into a Muslim nation like Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Egypt will get you executed. Bring them into the US and we will read you your rights in the language of your choice, provide you with a lawyer, a trial, three hots and a cot and a ride back home if your home country will take you. If not, welcome to America, have a green card, the food stamp office is located at your consulate, and voter registration is no longer required.

Note: Every day in Russia, over 80 of its people between the ages of 16 and 30 die from using heroin produced and trafficked by the Taliban. According to Russian health officials, Russia is at risk for the extermination of an entire generation of its youth from Afghan opiate trafficking. One Russian Orthodox Priest involved in social welfare outreach was quoted as saying:” There purpose is to degenerate our nation. They are very successful.”

I am just wonder about Obama’s purpose.