Obama’s Ego And The Fiscal Cliff

With all the hubbub surrounding the fiscal cliff negotiations, you’d think that someone in charge would be truly concerned for the American people. You would think, in a perfect world, that your leader is working hard to come up with a real, truly comprehensive compromise that might not necessarily be his ideal vision for the country, but would guarantee a slam on the brakes before we plunge over the cliff. But what if a leader didn’t need to compromise? Perhaps his ratings are overwhelmingly positive when compared to his opposition. Maybe he doesn’t care about the state of the country, only the power he wants to retain, or the ideologies he promotes.

The fiscal cliff is days away and the negotiations are as gridlocked as they were before. According to Senator Roy Blunt:

“To get hard things done, the president has to lead…Virtually every member of the Senate, I think, has seen this new movie on Lincoln, and the lesson of that movie is that to get hard things done the president has to decide he wants something done.”

According the The Christian Science Monitor:

“Until a call from the president on Wednesday, Senator McConnell says he had had no contact from any Democrat on the fiscal cliff since Thanksgiving. ‘The phone never rang, so here we are five days from the New Year and we might start talking,’ he said in a floor speech on Thursday ‘…it’s up to a president who has little incentive to shoulder a burden that the congressional leaders themselves have failed to take up.’”

What this means is that Obama, who has, and has had, ample opportunity to to create a comprehensive deal, is resting on his laurels. Speaker Boehner, for all his faults, has come up with several plans that exceed the requirements of a compromise; all of which have been rejected by the President without a second glance.

If you put all of the pieces together, this goes right back to what I mentioned in my intro. Obama knows he has the upper hand in regard to public opinion, and he is unwilling to let go of the power around which his fingers are tightly squeezed. Once again, Republicans are sincere in their want to avoid this financial disaster that will affect over 100 million Americans, and President Obama remains focused on himself.

Obama has compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, the architect of freedom. I see no comparison. Obama is a self-interested, egomaniacal, power-hungry man. He wants to see us drive off the fiscal cliff, because he will come out scot-free. And for the record, I don’t think that anyone who possessed the same qualities as Abraham Lincoln would ever have the gall to compare themselves to him.