Obama’s DHS Secretary Nominee Plagiarized 23 Different Times

They say if you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism. If you steal from a bunch of authors, it’s “research.”

I guess that’s why Rachel Maddow called Rand Paul a plagiarist. Apparently, he quoted Wikipedia when he talked about the movie Gattaca in one of his speeches, and he didn’t give credit where credit was due.

It’s not like Wikipedia has one author behind all its content. It’s subject to millions of people’s edits. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt if whoever wrote his speech referenced Wikipedia, but I don’t think it was Earth-shattering news.

Of course, Rachel Maddow has done her share of plagiarizing, but I guess it’s different when liberals do it. Which is why I’m sure she won’t say anything about Jeh Johnson, Obama’s nominee for DHS Secretary.

Senator Coburn’s office found that in his answers to the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee’s questionnaire, Johnson blatantly plagiarized a total of 23 times from other Obama administration officials. I’ll give you one of the examples.

When responding to a question about the Efficiency Review program under DHS, Johnson wrote the following (emphases courtesy of Coburn’s office):

The Department’s Efficiency Review program, which began in 2009, as well as other cost-saving initiatives, have allowed for the identification of more than $4 billion in cost avoidance and reductions. This funding has been redeployed to mission-critical initiatives across the Department…

As Breitbart pointed out, Johnson lifted the emboldened section above pretty much verbatim from an official DHS budget document published earlier this year:

Through the Department-wide, employee driven Efficiency Review (ER), which began in 2009, as well as other cost-saving initiatives, DHS has identified more than $4 billion in cost avoidances and reductions, and has redeployed those funds to mission-critical initiatives across the Department…

There are 22 other examples just like this one, some of them even more blatant and extensive. You can read the rest here.

So, what’s going to be their excuse? That he didn’t have time? Or that it was a staffer’s fault? Actually, Johnson is black. So, what they’ll likely say is something like, “You’re just accusing him of plagiarism, because you’re a racist.” I hope they don’t read this and find out that I’m plagiarizing every liberal commentator.