Obama’s Cloak Or Is It A Cult Of Ethnicity?

From the beginning of Obama’s historic Presidential campaign to the present day scandals that plague his second term, Barrack Hussein Obama has shamelessly used his mixed ethnicity for personal protection and political gain. Very few national political leaders have called the President’s supporters out for this tired and overused strategy employed when our black President gets in a legitimate legal jam. It’s time they start.

These days America is more like a cult than a Republic. Today we live in a country that has, much like a cult, redefined free speech as good or bad for the cult. Calling attention to crime, theft, or false public statements made by non-white leaders of that cult will get you labeled a racist and immediately discredited. Heck, it could lead to attack by the cults loyal 501 © (4) tax exempt social welfare groups or get your family investigated.

Whether America sees it coming or not the race card is Obama’s plan to escape, once again, executive responsibility for the willful dereliction of duty and the depraved indifference Obama shows to his oath of office and the US Constitution. We can no longer allow intimidation of free speech and our elected officials by this gutless political tactic.

The Democrat establishment formerly sacrificed its soul and any claims of American ideals like equal protections and personal responsibility the day that they whitewashed the Obama/Jeremiah Wright alliance—all to secure their parties first untouchable ethnic candidate. The deceptive nature of Obama’s politically expedient house of worship, conveniently overlooked, served to both distract and vilify concerned Americans. Mission accomplished.

Never prosecuted, real Black Panther Party Election Day voter intimidation is ignored. Voter I.D. laws are dishonestly characterized as poll taxes. The Obama Administration DOJ ignores voter and election fraud by Obama loyalists, who still dispute the existence of historical voter and election fraud. The President has publicly vilified Fox News as a political arm of the old white men party; meanwhile he illegally investigates and seizes white reporter’s phone and email records.

The first casualties of the Obama administration scandals have been white males and a career white female with taxpayer secured pensions. The last sacrificed, if necessary, will be Eric Holder. My guess is a “Cult of Ethnicity” pact was made when Holder was asked to stay on. Does anyone really think that Republicans will charge and prosecute our first black US Attorney General with a crime?  Because that is exactly what it will take to get Holder to resign.

We still do not know where the President was during Benghazi or for that matter why Obama supports overthrowing one non-combative Islamic regime after another. Our elected officials have not seriously questioned Obama’s well-guarded Sunni Islamist loyalties. These relevant questions, like all questions the President will not answer, are characterized as crazy right wing white male bigotry. Angry old Republican white male bigotry.

Hillary Clinton, the ugly white girl Obama plans to escort to the 2016 political prom, once complained about being called “un-Patriotic” when exercising her protected right to question a sitting Presidents actions. Later, during the Democrat primaries, she also called Obama a liar. I cannot remember if that was before her husband made a racially insensitive comment about Obama’s qualifications as a coffee house waiter and walked back his racist slip.

The only racists in this picture are Obama and the Democrat Party.

President Obama and his Administration are under attack because laws have been broken, the US Constitution has been violated, and the people’s trust in our governing institutions is on life support. Somebody, black, white, homosexual, heterosexual, male or female is responsible and incompetence is not a defense.