Obama’s Chicago – Blacks Killing Blacks

In 2008, Barack Obama promised blacks that he would make life better for them if he was elected. He promised to create more jobs for blacks, especially black teens and help them in other ways to lower the crime rates and give them more opportunities to improve their lives.

The way Obama shows favoritism to his friends and financial supporters along with Hispanics, you would expect him to have worked extra hard to do something to help Chicago, his political hometown. With Chicago’s mayor being Obama’s former Chief of Staff, the political favors and powers were expected by many to flow into the Windy City.

But when I looked at a variety of demographics for Chicago, it’s obvious that Obama has failed to keep his promises.

The population of Chicago is about 2.8 million people of which 45% are white, 33% are black and 28.9% are Hispanic. In 2012, the unemployment rate for whites in Chicago was 8.1% and for blacks it was 19.5%. For black teens it jumps even higher. The 2011 poverty rate for whites in Chicago was 10.9% while the blacks experience a 34.1% poverty rate.

This equates to the fact that in 2010, the mean income for white households was $58,752 while the median income for black households was only $29,371. How much has that changed over the years since Martin Luther King Jr. took to the streets of the nation preaching equality? In 1960, the median income for white households was $7,700 and for black households it was only $4,800. In 1960, the difference between black and white household incomes was 60%. In 2010, the difference was 100%.

One interesting figure I found is that in 1960, 69% blacks lived in black only neighborhoods that consisted of at least 95% blacks. Fifty-one years later of efforts to end segregation, 63% of blacks still lived in segregated neighborhoods in 2011.

When you add all of these things together it leads you to some other figures that paint a very bleak picture for Chicago’s blacks. In 2011, 70.5% of the murderers in Chicago were blacks. Hispanics accounted for 24.3% and whites for only 3.5%. The same trend holds true for murder victims with 75.3% being black, 18.9% Hispanic and only 4.6% white.

Blacks are killing blacks, Hispanics are killing Hispanics and whites are killing whites. If this was this simple, then wouldn’t you expect more murderers to be whites since they make up the largest group of people living in Chicago? But the figures don’t lie and this is why you find far more blacks in the prisons than whites.

Obama has done virtually nothing to help Chicago’s blacks. In fact, some experts say that Obama’s ignoring of the issues has only made things worse for blacks in Chicago and elsewhere. Yet, blacks continue to praise him and worship him as some kind of messiah. If only they would open their eyes and realize that they are worse off since Obama became president than they were before. He has failed them and forgotten them and they should return the favor in kind and withdraw all of their support of him and his cronies, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel.