If Obamacare’s So Great, Why do Most People Want It Repealed?

It’s only an opinion poll, which of course didn’t survey every single voter in America. No opinion poll does. They find a pool of random participants who are likely voters and ask them a few questions. It’s supposed to give us an idea of what opinion most people have regarding an issue.

Liberals love opinion polls. They claim to be speaking “for the people” when they sponsor outrageous legislation. “I’m only doing what my people have put me here to do,” they might say before they quote some obscure opinion poll that shows that a majority of Americans favor receiving free stuff.

It comes as a little bit of a surprise to find a recent Rasmussen poll that showed that a majority of Americans want the Obamacare law repealed. But I thought that was just a “fringe,” white racist, tea party position to hold. Remember, if you claim you want Obamacare repealed, it’s because you’re racist. You know, because Obama’s black and all. (Or half-black.) Apparently, it’s something that’s a lot more mainstream than most liberals would admit.

Among the five questions asked of these respondents was the following:  “Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose a proposal to repeal the new health care law?” The results show that a majority favor repealing the law:

Most voters view the new national health care law as bad for the country and want to repeal it. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 35% of Likely U.S. Voters now believe the trouble-plagued health care law is good for America. Fifty-five percent (55%) consider it bad for the country. Only two percent (2%) think it will have no impact.

And those who may not necessarily favor a repeal want it at least delayed. Writing for Breitbart, John Nolte reported on the results of a Quinnipiac poll:

Obama and ObamaCare have both dropped from 45% approval on October 1 to 39% today. By a 73-20% margin, voters want the ObamaCare penalty/mandate postponed past the March 31 deadline. Only 29% believe the ObamaCare website will be fixed by the November 30 deadline, 61% do not believe it. Only 19% believe ObamaCare will improve the American health care system, a full 43% believe it will make it worse. Basically, America has lost faith in the program. As bad as things have gotten for Obama, he could always count on his personal ratings to defy gravity. Those days are over. His relentless lying about being able to keep your health insurance along with the launch debacle, have burst the media-created myth.

But will these opinion polls convince the members of Congress to repeal this atrocious law? Of course not. It’s the “law of the land.” They’ll keep telling us to give it more time, and we’ll really learn to like it.