Obamacare Website Debacle Magnifies Larger Problems

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

It’s been joked about many times over the years that you don’t want the same organization that runs the post office to run healthcare. However many times it has been said, its truth is not diminished in the slightest. The federal government has always operated inefficiently, and now, under Barack “mo’ money, less problems” Obama, it has somehow become even more inefficient. Well, the somehow isn’t a real mystery, but it’s still astounding to think that the government could get any worse.

The inefficiency of the federal government is one of several acute structural problems underlying Obamacare. Just for a moment, let’s forget every other reason—I know, there are so many—Obamacare is destined for failure. Let’s simply focus on government inefficiency. It is government inefficiency that accounts for the high wait periods in Canadian hospitals and doctor’s offices.

It’s common knowledge that the larger something becomes, the more slowly it moves. That notion applies to human beings (see: Milwaukee), animals, and organizations. The larger something grows, the easier it becomes to lose sight of small discrepancies that slow things down.

By this point, we all know about the debacle that is the Obamacare exchange website. According to Wynton Hall of Breitbart:

Technology experts have panned the federal government’s Obamacare website, which handles 36 state exchanges. Anti-virus software creator John McAfee says the Obamacare website is a ‘hacker’s wet dream.’ And numerous others have rejected the Obama Administration’s excuse that heavy traffic caused system malfunctions.”

The article goes on to quote John Engates of RackSpace:

Any modern Web company would be well prepared for a launch of this scale…We’re not talking about hundreds of millions of people and we’re not talking about complex transactions.

The launch of the Obamacare site has been nothing short of disastrous. The Obama administration had years to get this site up and running before the exchanges opened on October first, yet the site is one of the worst failures of his tenure as President. As usual, there’s plenty of blame going outward from Obama, but it’s ultimately the fault of himself and his administrative choices.

The worst part for Obama is that this isn’t part of his normal political game. If the Obamacare exchange were something he disliked (think in Bizarro terms), he could have set it aside, put very little administrative effort into it, and ultimately allowed it to arrive as the steaming pile of crap that it is. But Obamacare is Obama’s pride and joy; it’s his “masterpiece.” The fact that this launch has been so wretched is yet another demonstration of the extreme inefficiency of the federal government. Just imagine, if the government can’t get a simple website operational in 3 years, would you like them handling your healthcare? Obviously not.

This website craziness is a microcosm of everything Obama holds dear. It is a representation of everything that is wrong with bigger-is-better, nanny-state government. This website launch is simply serving to magnify the inherent inefficiency of government-run healthcare, which anyone with a single brain cell already knew. Get ready to start singing “O Canada.”