Obamacare Spurring More ER Visits

If you had to pay for your own hospital care, what would be important to you? Lowering the cost of healthcare, preventative measures, cutting out the middle men, researching effective cheap cures, and cutting down on any unnecessary expensive hospital visits (like the ER, for instance). Well, guess which kind of hospital visit has become far more frequent under Obamacare? You guessed it, ER visits.

And why not? The Obamacare patients aren’t paying for it, so why should they make any attempt to cut down on costs? And the insurance companies don’t want to cut down costs. And the hospitals don’t want to cut down costs. And the people who pay for it aren’t allowed to cut down costs. Do you understand that? These costs are just going to keep going up. And up. And up. Until we’re all broke.

And it’s already happening. Obamacare fanboys are trying really hard to come up with other reasons for the increased ER visits:

Bill Wagner, executive director of Family Health Centers, a Louisville-based network of clinics serving the poor, echoed many others about why people are flocking to ERs: “More than anything, this highlights the shortage of primary-care physicians.”

No. It doesn’t. More than anything, it highlights human nature. Everyone with any sense said this would happen. It’s beyond stupid to try to find some other explanation for it. Most people dependent on the civil government have no real capacity for long-term thinking. Obviously. They can’t even take care of themselves. So why in the universe do you think they would be concerned about maintaining their health with good diet, exercise, or semi-regular checkups with their primary care physician? They wouldn’t. They aren’t.

And what about all those other things I mentioned at the beginning of the article? Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, preventative measures will fall out of favor, middle men will proliferate, and medicinal research will fall off. Thanks, Obamacare!