Obamacare Limits How Much Seniors Can Spend Of Own Money on Healthcare Insurance

We’ve been hearing about one negative aspect of Obamacare after another.  Two years ago I reported on some 20 different taxes that were being imposed by Obamacare.  From increases in taxes on dividends and medical devices, to increasing the medical deductions that you subtract from your itemized federal income tax from 7.5% to 10%.

According to a recent report from the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at the Nation Right to Life Committee, Obamacare is also imposing a 40% excise tax:

“Obamacare imposes a 40% excise tax on employer-paid health insurance premiums above a governmentally imposed limit that does not keep up with medical inflation. Consequently, insurance companies will be forced to impose increasingly severe restraints on policy-holders’ access to medical diagnosis and treatment—limits that will make it harder to get often-expensive treatments essential to combatting life-threatening illnesses.”

The same report also stated that the Independent Payment Advisory Board has been instructed to set limits to the spending on healthcare to a growth rate below the medical inflation rate.  These spending limits will then be used to set limits on what treatments that patients can receive from their providers.  This is what they call the quality and efficiency standards that will be imposed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Additionally, people using the exchanges to get their plans are not allowed to spend what the government considers excessive or unjustified amounts for their health plans.  It doesn’t matter if the insurers offer the same plans within or outside the exchanges.

Lastly, the report revealed that Obamacare is placing limits on seniors that may place many on them in danger of dying early.  The report stated:

“Most senior citizens know that the law will significantly cut government funding for Medicare, but they may not be aware of the law’s provision allowing Washington bureaucrats to prevent them from making up the Medicare shortfall with their own funds by limiting their right to spend their own money to obtain insurance less likely to limit treatments that could save their lives.”

In other words, if Medicare does not cover their chronic or severe illness or condition, Obamacare’s limitation could prevent them from spending their own money to purchase a quality health plan that will cover their needs.  If they can’t get the coverage they need within the spending limits, then they have to face life without the necessary treatment and most likely either a miserable life or an earlier than necessary death.

I find it very dictatorial to limit citizens on how much they want to spend on their own healthcare above and beyond what the government insurance gives them.  What business is it of theirs how much extra we spend on ourselves?  I have no idea what their justification is for this limitation other than insuring that many seniors may die sooner without the needed coverage for treatment, thus getting them off the government dole sooner.  The government doesn’t want older people living any longer than necessary so that they won’t be a drain on the system.

This is just further evidence of the socialistic government that Obama has been establishing; one where people are limited to how much they can spend of their own money on their own health.  It’s only time before they start controlling other aspects of our private lives and private finances.