Obamacare Fail: Whopping 51,000 People Nationwide Signed Up In First Week

There’s a reason the Obama administration conveniently didn’t have the number of people who signed up for Obamacare since its grand opening on October 1st. The numbers were embarrassingly low. So, instead of admitting the extraordinarily low turnout, they decided to say that they “haven’t seen any figures yet” or that they “don’t have access to the numbers.” Yeah, they have access to Americans’ e-mails, phone conversations and internet usage, but they don’t have access to the “above top secret” numbers of people who have signed up for health insurance under Obama’s claim to fame. That’s likely.

While administration officials like Secretary Sebelius and Jay Carney are playing dumb and saying that they don’t have access to the figures, at least a couple of Health and Human Services employees do have raw data and were willing to relay them to the UK’s Daily Mail:

“Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during the first week the Healthcare.gov website was online, according to two sources inside the Department of Health and Human Services who gave MailOnline an exclusive look at the earliest enrollment numbers. The career civil servants, who process data inside the agency, confirmed independently that just 6,200 Americans applied for health insurance through the problem-plagued website on October 1, the day it first opened to the public. Neither HHS nor the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services would comment on the record about the numbers. Enroll America, the president’s organization of health care ‘navigators’ who are charged with helping Americans sign up, didn’t reply to a request for information about its level of success so far. The White House also did not respond to emails seeking comment. But several administration officials have claimed this month that they didn’t have access to the kinds of raw figures MailOnline obtained from the people who work for them. And the anemic totals suggest a far lower level of interest in coverage through the Affordable Care Act than the Obama administration has hoped to see.”

All that time and money invested in rolling out Obamacare, and all they have to show for is 51,000 people in its first week. At this rate, after 6 months, they’d have just over 1.3 million enrollees. And the CBO has reported that in order for Obamacare to stay afloat financially, they’ll need 7 million enrollees.

But we all know that money is never an issue. Who cares if they remain in the red? They’ll only remain in the red on paper. The government isn’t a business or a family that has to abide by a strict budget. All the budget and debt ceiling “talks” are nothing but dog and pony shows that attempt to make Americans think their representatives are working hard to make sure Americans’ tax money is being spent wisely. (What a joke.)

The government’s whole foundation is debt. If Obamacare doesn’t have the money to stay afloat, they can beg the Fed for easy and endless money, and they can raise taxes on Americans to pay for their free healthcare – er, “affordable” healthcare.

Of course, a lot of people are saying that Obamacare was designed to fail. It’s the old Hegelian dialectic at play:  Problem, reaction, solution. In this case, the problem is the Obamacare train wreck. The reaction almost universally has been outrage and utter frustration at its disastrous enrollment process, complete with website glitches and errors. And not to mention significantly rising insurance premiums and poorer quality coverage. The solution? A single-payer system. Wouldn’t that just make things so much easier?