Obamacare Enrollment Report Card Reveals 2.7 Million More Americans Left Uninsured

I can’t help but recall the ravings of number one lunatic in the House of Representatives some 4 years ago when Nancy Pelosi told America that every American will have affordable health insurance under Obamacare.  Of course she’s the same lady that said we needed to pass the bill in order find out what’s in it.  You know darn well she knew what was in it and she just said that to get everyone to trust Obama and his flagship legislation.

After several years of baited anticipation, the day finally came last October 1st for the role out of the Obamacare exchange enrollment.  Each state had made their projected goals in how many residents they’ll enroll through the state exchanges.  As of a week ago, 45 states have not even reached 10% of their goals, which is not what any of the Democrats expected.

It’s hard to find exact figures on the number of successful enrollments.  Yes millions of have logged into the exchanges.  Many did so just to get quotes and when they saw the quotes, well, let’s hope someone near them had defibrillator or knew how to do CPR.  In order to be considered a successful enrollment, a person must complete the entire application and make their first payment.  The figures for successful exchange enrollments as of the end of December seem to be around 2 million, which is drastically lower than the White House predicted or needs.

But we cannot ignore the millions of Americans who had their existing policies cancelled because they didn’t meet the strict requirements of Obamacare.  Sure Obama came out after many were already cancelled and told them they could keep their existing policies or get a comparable one through the exchange, but the damage was already done.  Most figures are indicating that at least 4.7 million Americans that once had health insurance are now without, and that figure could be much higher.

So as the calendar turns to another year and Obamacare enrollment has been in place for three months, it appears that the net successful enrollment is at a -2.7 million.  That is beyond failing, but it’s exactly what many of us have been predicting all along.  Pelosi flapped her jaws and crowed out that every American would have affordable health insurance, but those of us who saw reality, predicted exactly what we are seeing happen.