Obamacare Adds 80 Million Hours of Labor For Tax Compliance

The Congressional Committee on Ways and Means released a report recently that showed that Obamacare will require nearly 80 million hours per year in labor time in order to comply with its tax regulations. Half of those hours will fall on small businesses. No wonder a recent survey confirmed that over 70% of small business owners cite Obamacare as the number one obstacle standing in their way to success as job creators. On its website, the congressional committee makes these observations:

So, what can be done in 79,229,503 hours? The Empire State building, which took 7 million man-hours to build, could be constructed 11 times. The Curiosity Lander could travel from Earth to Mars 13,048 times. Halley’s comet, seen from Earth once every 76 years, could be spotted 119 times. Every hour and dollar spent complying with the Democrats’ health care law are time and resources being taken from growing a business, hiring new workers, or caring for patients.  To date, the Democrats’ health care law has resulted in IRS and Treasury issuing thousands of pages of new rules and regulations, including 40 notices, 17 regulations, 5 revenue procedures, 2 revenue rulings, and 14 Treasury decisions.  Sixteen IRS regulations implementing the health care law…will require nearly 80 million man-hours per year according to the IRS. 

It’s also not surprising that people are dropping out of the workforce after giving up looking for work. Business owners are having to shut their businesses down. The incentive to start a family business or run a small company is shrinking under the growing burden of regulations. Huge monopolistic corporations will do fine because the fees, regulations and taxes are pocket change to them and they can hire teams of lawyers to find and use the loopholes to avoid having to comply. So when all the small businesses are gone, what will be left? A mixture of government and the corporations that control it. We already have this to a degree, and through heavy regulations, the big corporations are continuing to put their competitors out of business.

And what happens if business owners don’t comply with all the regulations? They would face fines, penalties or maybe jail time. With all the small businesses that are struggling out there, that might end up being a lot of jail time for non-compliance. Now would not be a good time to be filling up jail cells when states are struggling to keep up financially with their rising prison populations. But these regulations come not long after it was announced that Corrections Corporation of America is attempting to help 48 states financially by buying up U.S. prisons with the agreement that each state guarantee a 90% occupancy rate. And what better way to fulfill that guarantee than to enact untenable business regulations that would for sure result in additional arrests and imprisonments? Forget speeding ticket quotas. How about prison quotas?

So if you can’t afford to offer your employees health insurance that includes free birth control, and you can’t pay the non-compliance penalty, it might be easier to just turn yourself in to a CCA prison. They’ll give you all the health care for “free.” How nice of them.