Obama Warns About Global Warming-Induced Extreme Weather; No Major Hurricane in Almost a Decade

This is another one of those things that baffles scientists. They all know that burning fossil fuels causes global warming, and that global warming causes more extreme and frequent weather patterns. But in the same way we’ve experienced an inexplicable pause in global warming despite record carbon emissions, we’ve also witnessed a pause in major hurricanes. So much so that this pause is called a “hurricane drought.” It leaves scientists baffled, perhaps because their premises and presuppositions are wrong. But they would never consider that as a possibility. They start with their conclusion and then work their way backwards to find a possible explanation for their predetermined conclusion. The Daily Caller reported:

It’s been nearly a decade since a major hurricane has made landfall in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped President Barack Obama from claiming that more global warming-induced “extreme weather” will pummel Americans every year.

Obama is set to tour the National Hurricane Center Thursday where he is expected to mention that man-made global warming will increase the risks of major hurricanes hitting the U.S. and costing causing billions of dollars in damages. Obama has frequently claimed that hurricanes and other weather events will get more severe as humans emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

But the facts aren’t on the president’s side when it comes to hurricanes. NHC experts will likely report to Obama Thursday they expect a relatively weak hurricane season this year, possibly continuing the U.S. “hurricane drought” even longer.

It’s been 3,503 days since a Category 3 or greater hurricane has made landfall in the U.S., according to storm data. The last major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was in 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit Florida. Experts have dubbed this nine-year and seven-month period as a “hurricane drought.”

The lack of major hurricanes hitting the U.S. in the last decade has baffled scientists, and some have attributed the hurricane “drought” to dumb luck. A recent study by NASA found that the U.S. has just been lucky this past decade when it comes to major hurricanes.

“When we looked qualitatively at the nine-year drought, they aren’t inactive seasons,” lead author Timothy Hall with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies said in a statement. “I don’t believe there is a major regime shift that’s protecting the U.S.”

So far, the consensus among scientists is that global warming will cause fewer hurricanes, some of which will be made more intense as humans increase carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. But even that’s been elusive so far as major storms seem to be bypassing the U.S.

It doesn’t matter what ends up happening with the weather patterns; it’ll be portrayed as negative and caused by GOP-induced global warming. Even if there’s a slowdown in extreme weather, they’ll find a way to make it sound like that’s actually a bad thing, and it’s all because of fossil fuel consumption.