Obama vs Voter ID Laws

Peter Abelard said: “Logic has made me hate in the world.”

The age in which we live—politically—has no respect for logic, only bravado. In fact, I would venture further to say that logic actively garners hatred and contempt. Think about it, when Conservatives try to provide common sense reforms, the reactions from the Left are universally negative. Not only are they negative, but they are generally aggressively so.

One has to wonder why someone would eschew common sense in favor of something that is less sensical. Why would a politician balk at true, groundbreaking reform? The answer is easy: they want to keep their jobs and they want to hold onto power. One of the biggest examples of this phenomenon is the backlash against voter identification laws.

The vitriol spewed forth from the Liberal community against voter ID laws is anchored in fear. The fact is they know that if we were to implement ID laws on a large scale, Democrats would lose votes. That is the sole reason for the constant disruptions of ID laws.

According to Breitbart:

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) just signed a law to safeguard voting rights in the Tar Heel State, and the Obama administration is threatening to sue (again). North Carolina’s new law requires a person attempting to vote to show a (1) North Carolina driver’s license, (2) U.S. passport, or (3) military ID at the polls to cast their ballot. It also ends same-day voter registration and shortens the period for early voting from 17 days to 10 days. The law is supported by over 70% of North Carolinians. It is a law that recognizes that everyone has the right not to have their vote canceled by a fraudulent vote, and so states should take measures to safeguard the integrity of the ballot box.”

This law is simple as can be. Everyone has ID. And if they do not have it, they can easily obtain it. The constant ballyhoo about seniors and minorities being suppressed is total nonsense. Seniors and minorities have just as much opportunity to obtain ID as anyone else. The notion of voter suppression is absurd on its face, let alone after giving it any thought.

Obama and his cronies hate the freedoms we have. They hate real innovation, and real reform. They live on the power that they suck out of their constituents, and their office. And they want it to stay that way. In order for that to happen, in order for Democrats to keep winning, they need to cheat. Voter ID laws stop them from cheating the system, so they obstruct them.

Logic makes Conservatives hated, but it also makes us right. It is our mission to push for voter ID laws wherever we live. It is our obligation.