Obama Veto Will Just Kill More Black Babies

In my lifetime pregnancy became an after conception “Choice,” then a “Reproductive Right,” then” a Reproductive Freedom” and is now being characterized by liberals as a “Forced Birth.” Now wallflower feminists and their self-loathing lesbian accomplices are selling abortion as a necessary by-product of a contrived “culture of rape” that wants to keep women pregnant. If it were not so mentally deranged, it would be comical. It should be prosecutable.

Last weekend, I helped a single (not divorced) black father and his little boy, Mike, enjoy Father’s Day weekend together. I loaned them my favorite ugly stick and the contents of my tackle box.

Yesterday, I watched an Ivy League educated black women rail at US House of Representative attempts to limit the out of control spine severing and skull cracking procedures used to terminate black baby’s lives.

(See “MSNBC Contributor: Being Against Abortion Past 20 Weeks Isn’t “Pro-Life” It’s “Forced Birth” And “Bizarre”” on The Blaze.)

Predatory feminism, a symptom of our social decline is sinking to new lows. Reproductive rights jihadists are fighting for the entitlement to terminate American pregnancies at a rate of over 900,000 per year. Millions of future American babies—forcibly removed—torn from their mother’s womb, arm by arm, leg-by-leg, torso from head. Most of them are black babies as black as our President, his wife, and his daughters.

Most of us are aware that conservative federal legislators are fighting the brutality of carefully protected late term abortionists—like baby killer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell—by attempting to roll back the number of weeks to 20 for legally permissible abortions. It is also common knowledge that President Obama has threatened to veto any legislation that makes abortion less available. Since the black American population terminates three times more pregnancies than any other race, it is safe to suggest that Obama may support limiting the growth of the black race. One could even go as far as concluding that the President supports African American genocide.

Little Mike’s dad had a heck of a time keeping his three year old son focused, but from what I saw it was all worth the effort.

This month Obama will take an estimated $100 million dollar vacation in the 21st century garden of rape, torture, and genocide. Obama will more than likely talk up a storm about human rights abuses, tyranny, apartheid, and America’s shameless role in the subjugation of the people of Africa… He will instinctually apologize for America’s participation in the exploitation of Africa and promise to hold America accountable to a higher Obama standard.

Back home liberal supporters of African American infanticide are busy equating recently passed US House of Representatives “pro-life” legislation with slavery, southern racism, and the old white men‘s war on women’s rights—erroneously claiming abortion within the first trimester as a constitutional right. It is a lie.

The US Constitution does not speak of freedom of abortion. Roe v. Wade protects the privacy rights of women who abort their babies. Nothing more. Everything else is liberal propaganda. Moreover, decades of liberal abortion agendas have successfully brainwashed black women to blame angry black men for black abortion rates. And it is about to get worse.

African American men would do well to question the motives of America’s first bi-racial President—a man that supports protecting your women’s choice to continue to kill your offspring at genocidal rates. By the way, many black women are now claiming black men are part of a “culture of rape” and they do not wish to be “forced” to have rapist’s babies anymore. At least that is what is being sold at CNN, MSNBC and the big 3 in the mainstream. Moreover, we all know where they get their marching orders.

I wonder if I should ask little Mike’s dad, if, his handsome son with the infectious smile was a “product of rape” and a “forced birth“?

Specious arguments abandoning morality for liberal feminist absolution (black or white) may buy votes on Election Day, but it will not bring back the millions of little souls that have been sacrificed. If America were the South Africa of Mandela’s time, the world would be calling for arrests and prosecutions for the degenerate use of a privacy protection to facilitate the racial genocide occurring in our own hood. So why does Obama get a pass?

American courts just convicted and sentenced a black abortion doctor to life in prison for the monstrous murder of defenseless babies. Mass murder happens in abortion clinics everyday all across America. Women and African Americans have twice elected a President that openly supports these brutal acts, asks “his god” to bless the perpetrators and thinks the cost should be covered by state mandated health insurance policies. In addition, black American babies continue to die. Why?

Here is to the one that got away. Here’s too little Mike. God bless.