Obama Tries To Make Amnesty Look Good by Calling Republicans Racists

According to Google, Nativism is “the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.”

With their push for executive amnesty, and “comprehensive” immigration reform, the left has declared war on our national sovereignty, but much to the chagrin of liberals, conservatives are winning hearts and minds. Public opinion—at least in terms of the most recent polling—is leaning heavily against Obama’s actions. According to a July AP/GFK poll, 68% of Americans disapprove of Obama handling of the immigration crisis. That being said, there are still many assigning blame to Republicans as well.

Seemingly in response to his negative polling numbers, Obama has come out once again to call anyone who disagrees with him racists, as well as try to paint himself as a rational man. According to Breitbart, Obama said the following during an interview with The Economist:

Now, to their credit, I think on an issue like immigration reform, for example, companies did step up…And what they’re discovering is the problem is not the regulatory zealotry of the Obama administration; what they’re discovering is the dysfunction of a Republican Party that knows we need immigration reform, knows that it would actually be good for its long-term prospects, but is captive to the nativist elements in its party.”

Let’s break this down, and see what he’s really saying.

Obama first tries to place himself amongst the ranks of business owners. He claims that businesses are on his side in terms of immigration reform, aka amnesty. Business functions best in a thriving economy. Given that, with any issue that effects the economy, the business community has high credibility. Their ability to thrive drives the economy, and so their opinion matters to the average American. I can just see an Obama advisor approaching the president, and telling him:

Sir, you look really bad on immigration reform. You need to align yourself with someone, or something that has credibility in this arena. How about the business community?

I think Obama believes that associating himself with the business community will drive people to rethink their position, seeing him as more rational because he’s siding with credible sources. The thing is, the business community—excluding small businesses—are on board with amnesty because it will give them cheap labor. They’re corrupt. It is on this one issue that corporate America has zero credibility, because their interests, in this instance, are not the same as those of the American people. So, by associating himself with these large corporations, Obama is giving himself no further credibility.

Obama then—surprise, surprise—calls Republicans racists. Well, he calls them nativists, which is just a more sly way of calling them racists. But why is nativism—separated from any racist elements—a bad thing? Conservatives want to protect American citizens, those born here, and those who have legally immigrated here from outside forces that would harm them. Sounds good to me.

Obama is trying his best to boost his credibility by clinging to the business community, and by bashing Republicans. It’s not going to work. Americans know what’s going on—at least 68% of them do—and they’re not going to sit back, and watch the country to which they owe their success be invaded, and destroyed from within.