Is Obama ‘Throwing the Bird’ to Everyone in Washington?

Former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele (R-MD) was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews to discuss President Obama’s recent decision to “normalize” relations with Cuba.

Matthews asked Steele to explain exactly what the President was thinking when he decided to move forward on normalizing relations with Cuba…

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think this is willful? Is this some sort of psychological, I’m going down with my boots on kind of thing? iImay not be able to win them all, but I’m going to go down shooting?

Obama FingerMICHAEL STEELE: I think this is the president is basically throwing the bird up in the air to pretty much everybody in this town and saying, you know, what… 

MATTHEWS: Do you think this is offensive?

STEELE: No, I don’t think it’s offensive.

MATTHEWS: THAT’S the way you put it that I think — have you ever had that and not been offensive? Rahm emanuel was known for that pretty well when he was chief of staff.

STEELE: I think in his own way, in his very subtle, you know, kind of educated, professorial way, he’s basically saying, I’m just going to do this. I’m going to set out and do what I want to do. So you start with the immigration piece, you come back with Cuba, the following week, which links into the immigration piece, ties into Gitmo and some other things.

So, I think the president is just finding a space where he’s comfortable, and has figured out that this town will never work with him, it will never work for him, and therefore he’s just going to do his thing and let the chips fall where they may. And I think there’s some fallout from that and I hope he’s prepared for that. But I think he’s got this comfort now of doing what he wants to do.