Obama Thinks U.N. Gun Control Is A Good Idea

If you want to understand the future direction, our world is taking on gun control keep your eye on Obama and the United Nations. It is no big secret that the United Nations Disarmament Commission would like the world to give up all of our weapons so that international authorities can keep us all safe from the world’s bad actors. President Obama agrees with this global agenda and U.S. participation in the 2013 U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations scheduled for March 3, 2013.

Again, no big surprise, since the Obama Administration, in 2009, the year the DOJ launched the “Fast and Furious Operation,” chose to overturn the long-standing Bush Administration policy opposing any U.N. Arms Trade Treaty because it was an infringement on U.S sovereignty, laws and generally just an insanely stupid idea.

Conventional and nuclear weapons disarmament is not a new goal for the United Nations or the Global community. In 2000, the United Nations ramped up its small arms disarmament efforts by holding conferences and committees stressing their goal to “negotiate a robust legally binding instrument to establish common standards for international trade in conventional arms.” What the Obama Administration neglects to tell Americans is that the ATT includes small arms too. The United Nations, by their own admission, is attempting to bring “transparency” to global small arms accumulation and stockpiling of ammunition, by requiring the reporting of—which is now voluntary—all participating nation states arms ownership and sales to the United Nations. I will not bore you with the details; I will simply direct you to the following link (www.un.org/disarmament/convarms/Register/)so that you can educate yourselves on the key players and policy development history that is taking place at the United Nations. Policies that continue to go under reported.

To put it plainly, the United Nations wants a global standard for arms sales and wants to know: who is making, selling, buying, and owning waepons around our world. Not just big stuff like nuclear submarines and fighter jets but small arms like revolvers as well. They would also like those weapons, indelibly marked, and registered so —according to U.N. officials—international investigators can identify the perpetrator of future treaty breaches, violators of international arms laws or the suppliers of weapons that fuel armed conflicts like drug wars and organized crime. They also want the power to monitor the warehousing of and stock piling of small arms ammunition levels they determine to be unsafe. Ammunition they also want marked for tracing purposes.

The United Nations is selling this treaty as a means to fight human rights violations, global violence against women, genocide, economic damage inflicted on underdeveloped countries by war, and an attempt to arrest the growth of terrorist/gang violence in our global community. To the utopians at the U.N., governments are better equipped to keep the World safe, governments should work towards disarming their citizens, and the United Nations wants to be in charge of monitoring and directing the world’s policies and enforcement of small arms ownership.

On Nov. 7, 2012, by a unanimous vote, which included the support of the Obama State Department, the international community approved the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. For any U.N. treaties to be enforced by the U.S. government they require a two-thirds vote for ratification our by U.S. Senate. The ATT never stood a chance of ratification and implementation during its last go around. However, next month, the United States and the Obama Administration will again be participating in these ATT discussions and it appears will once again vote to support this treaty leaving the fate of American gun rights in the hands of a transforming U.S. Senate under the control of Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

Many Americans have not taken the time to investigate the true nature of the ATT. In my opinion it is not getting the attention it deserves and like most international power grabs the consequences will be disastrous if the United States ever ratifies or finds some Obama loophole to accept certain terms of this abomination. Americans should take note that Iran is a participant in the oversight body negotiating this U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. This U.N. decision is disconcerting, to say the least, given Iran has been the largest global supplier of weapons to terrorism, has a deplorable human and women’s rights record, is ignoring U.N. sanctions in its push to develop nuclear weapons and regularly calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States. Moreover, our President supports this treaty.

With all the debate about second amendment rights and the necessity of our citizenry to own firearms in the event we have to defend our nation against a tyrannical government, let us not ignore the very real external threat posed by the United Nations becoming a tyrannical government. The United Nations is attempting to begin global gun/ammunition registration and our President is supporting this. If the complexion of the U.S. Senate were ever to change in an unimaginable way, the threat of the loss of our gun rights will become very real. More importantly given that global small arms registration and reporting is now generally accepted by the international community it may not take ratification of a the U.N. ATT to institute U.S. compliance with international requests for gun registration and reporting, just an Obama Executive Order.

I am a United States citizen, not a citizen of the world. I do not know about you but I would rather give up my life rather than give Iran or the U.N. any say in anything effecting my ability to defend myself against an out of control government especially one that is hell bent on Islamic Armageddon and the destruction of my country. However, I am just an Islamaphobic right wing radical clinging to my guns and my Christian religion.

Before Obama allows the United Nations to infringe on U.S. Constitutional gun and privacy right’s perhaps world powers would like to do a little work on Iran and North Korea’s armament issues. My guns and my bullets won’t destabilize an entire region, cause one child to starve, destroy one economy, or be sold to a terrorist or gang member. My guns will not incinerate a major city. So why does the U.N. need to know that I own them and more importantly why does President Obama support this new order in our World?