How Obama is Taking the “Illegal” Out of Illegal Immigrants

I’ve been writing for this site for long enough to know that the phrase “illegal immigrants” really annoys some of you. “Illegal aliens,” you’ll say. “There’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant.” Well, there actually is. An immigrant is someone who changes residency from one country to another. So far so good. An illegal immigrant is someone who changes residency from one country to another illegally.

Well, Obama aims to change that. But just like he said earlier this year, he doesn’t plan on just using Congress to get things done. He won’t let a little thing like rule of law stand in his way, and he doesn’t think he should hold illegal immigrants to a higher standard than he holds himself.

Obama has written executive orders that provide de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants unless they are directly involved in crimes. According to a report by Sen. Jeff Sessions, nearly 98% of all deportations in 2013 were of criminals, people who were picked up in the process of crossing the border, or people who had already been deported before (many of whom were criminals).

This means that, in reality, it doesn’t matter what our law says, there isn’t such a thing as illegal immigrants anymore. Unless what you are doing is illegal for other reasons, Obama has made sure through executive action you won’t get deported.

This shouldn’t just be overlooked. All the talk of immigration reform at the legislative level means absolutely nothing if the President autonomously enforces whatever law he feels is right. Many Congressmen feel the same way. Breitbart interviewed John Culberson (R-TX) in response to the Sessions’ report:

We can add immigration enforcement to the long list of areas where President Obama is selectively enforcing the law. This is part of a repeated pattern of overreach on the part of the Administration and shows their unwillingness to follow the law as it is written—not the law as they want it to be. It’s impossible for Congress to have an open and honest debate on border security when we can’t trust the President to do his job.

Yeah. We all knew this was coming, though. He told us. The question now: What do you do about it?