Obama Supporters Happy With Obama’s Endorsement of Karl Marx for President

I had no idea Karl Marx was even alive, much less running for president. And apparently, Obama’s endorsed him. (Well, that much we already knew.)

At least according to the ever-ridiculous Mark Dice, who keeps trying to find that point where other people won’t believe the preposterous things that he says are true. So far, he’s just proven how gullible people are. All he has to do is wear an Obama t-shirt, and people fall for whatever prank he’s pulling. I dare you to get through this without laughing at Obama supporters:

Now, these people are examples of “educated” voters, the kind who gave Obama the victory in the last two elections.

Mark Dice isn’t the only one who pulls these sorts of pranks on people. This “clueless Obama supporter” phenomenon wasn’t made any more clear than on the Howard Stern Show during the 2008 presidential election. The interviewer had interchanged the political positions of Obama and McCain and attributed McCain’s positions to Obama. So, he would ask Obama supporters what they liked more about Obama, the fact that he was “pro-life” or the fact that he wants to keep fighting the war in Iraq. These poor souls didn’t get it. They said they liked that he wanted to keep fighting the Iraq war (even though he campaigned on ending the war), and others said that they liked that he was “pro-life” (even though everyone else knew that he was pro-abortion). The interviewer went so far as to ask whether they liked it that Obama chose Sarah Palin as his VP. They still didn’t get it. They said it was a good choice.

Remember, these people vote. Sometimes more than once.