Obama: “Suicide” For Republicans to Oppose Amnesty

Barack Obama claims it would be “suicide” for the Republican Party to oppose amnesty. Is he right?

Opposition is true friendship.” – William Blake

As it’s been said by numerous conservatives, you know you’re doing something right when the Democrats heap scorn upon you. In their opposition, we have a guiding compass, telling us which direction to go, and where we should never go. The more apoplectic a liberal becomes at the mission, or objectives of conservatism, the further we should plunge, because the further it takes away from the left, which is universally incorrect. I’m not saying to remain closed minded, but of what we know to be true, we should stay true. In that same vein, when a Democrat offers advice to conservatives regarding the direction in which their policy should go, run the other way!

According to CNN, during a speaking engagement in Santa Monica on Thursday night at which he discussed amnesty, president Obama not-so-slyly tried to offer advice to conservatives, saying:

It’s anybody’s guess how Republicans are thinking about this…If they were thinking long-term politically, it is suicide for them not to do this…Because the demographics of the country are such that you will lose a generation of immigrants which says, ‘That party doesn’t seem to care about me’…In the short term, they have a problem with the tea party and others who often express virulently anti-immigrant sentiment.”

Well then. I guess we should just jump on the bandwagon. Thanks, guy who wants his Party, and it’s vision to succeed against ours! Oh wait.

First, as usual, Obama plays the straw man, calling conservatives out on our allegedly “virulent anti-immigrant sentiment.” We all know by now what this means. Conservatives don’t want amnesty granted to millions of people who broke the law to come to the United States illegally, but have no problem with legal immigrants. But the left loves to conflate anti-illegal immigration with icky, mean immigrant haters, because it makes us look awful. And if we look like awful people, then our policy ideas must also be awful. Sorry, Mr. O, you’re going to have to do better than that. Try something new, maybe?

Then, he actually makes the point of conservatives quite clear. By saying “Because the demographics of the country are such that you will lose a generation of immigrants which says, ‘That party doesn’t seem to care about me,'” Obama is playing the demographics game, which is so popular among the left. However, he is once again conflating things which should not be conflated, namely amnestied illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. Conservatives have no intention of alienating legal immigrants, in fact, we believe our policies, both social, and economic will benefit everyone, regardless of their “demographic.” Obama assumes that immigrant voters will see conservatives’ stance on amnesty, and link it to a hatred of all immigrants. Obama mistakenly believes immigrants are fools, and too stupid to see the difference.

Now, on average, immigrant voters (specifically the Hispanic vote) do vote Democrat, and we know that. However, conservatives have enough faith in the soundness of immigrant minds to assume that by opposing amnesty, we will not alienate any further immigrants.

Obama’s statement is a big mess, one which says many things. But when diluted to its base parts, it says that conservatives are wrong, immigrants are unintelligent, immigrants are only a demographic, we should cater to demographics to win elections, regardless of consequence, and if Republicans don’t, they are committing suicide.

Huh, Obama is telling us to move in one direction, a direction which we know is riddled with negative consequences, and law breaking. I think we’ll just continue go the other way. But thanks, Barry!