Obama Says We Don’t Need Bigger Government—We’ve Been Punk’d

Paul Samuelson said: “Politicians like to tell people what they want to hear – and what they want to hear is what won’t happen.” In other words, politicians lie, because they know that people will believe them. Unfortunately, even after thousands of years of politicians telling people what they want to hear; the people still beg to be told the same old lies. We don’t learn. In prime political fashion, Barack Obama–in his State of The Union–told the American people what they wanted to hear.

“It’s not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth.”

Wow, what an incredible thing! Barack Obama believes that a bigger government is not, in fact, what we need. I guess we should just take him at his word; not looking to his record at all. The man who–through Obamacare–engineered the biggest economic takeover since FDR; promoted multiple stimuli that failed to incite a recover; bailed out the auto-industry (GM still owes taxpayers $25 billion); and is playing Robin Hood by raising taxes on the top two percent, must really believe that bigger government is not the solution! Well, that takes care of that.

Let’s break this down. When a President looks at the healthcare crisis, and rather than implementing basic, common sense solutions–like cross-state insurance, Tort reform, and means testing–he socializes medicine; he may favor bigger government. When a President looks at a $16 trillion debt, and rather than cutting back spending; he raises taxes on the top job creators; he may favor bigger government. And when a President issues 23 executive orders regarding guns, and surrounds himself with children while he signs the bill; he may be a dictator–I mean, he may favor bigger government.

Barack Obama tells us what we want to hear, then moves right in the opposite direction. Whether or not he believes what he says is irrelevant. If what he says isn’t true, he is either lying or gravely misinformed. If he is misinformed–a nice way to say ignorant–he is unfit to be President. If he is lying, he is being treasonous.