Obama Sanctions Entitlement Fraud

“All I knows is, if you wants to lives like a Republicans you gots to vote Democrat.” These haunting words were spoken to me by a neighbor’s wife some 20 years ago during the Clinton/Dole election. I am forever grateful for her ineloquent yet brutally honest insight into the mind of a habitual Democrat supporter.

For over a decade, a Democrat legislature has eased entitlement eligibility standards and taken the so called “disadvantaged class” to a quality of living standard beyond any they are willing to earn for themselves. Our government is enabling theft of our treasury through entitlement fraud to grow at unprecedented levels to service Democrat voters. Instead of hiring more investigators to pursue the millions of entitlement fraud cases and protect taxpayer’s money, Obama hires a record number of IRS agents to seize more revenue from hard working Americans not on his dole. Obama and Democrats have fought to gut defense and starve our military families and veterans; yet they tolerate entitlement junkies like my neighbor who are loyal to the Democrat party.

Over the years I have watched my neighbor’s family enjoy the good fortunes of voting Democrat as my tax bills increase, the economy craters and real estate values plummet. However in the midst of all the economic turmoil (some of us have been experiencing) they seem to be doing just fine. Unlike their neighbors they have new cars, new appliances, a built in swimming pool, satellite T.V. and time and money to take extravagant vacations to Myrtle Beach and Hawaii.

Somehow they managed to refinance their mortgage to an interest rate lower than the rest of the neighborhood and put two daughters through Community College on Pell Grants and Financial aid. Every January they openly brag about the generous tax refunds they receive from Uncle Sam and offer me advice on how I can cheat my way to a refund. Maybe there is something to be said for the “I’ll have mine now” crowd after all they don’t seem to be worried about their share of budget deficits and debt. And why should they worry, they didn’t go into debt, they just got money from the government; a government that obfuscates while taxpayers are defrauded at historic levels.

To many Americans, living off of entitlements and tax refunds have become sound financial planning just a click away. “Free government money” is what is being offered at www.benefits.gov (they should call it www.theft.gov.)  Simply complete a questionnaire and instantly you will receive a comprehensive list of government benefits and directions on application procedures. Bless my cold uncaring conservative heart, this is what liberals are referring to when the wish to live like a Republican. Dream big, vote Democrat and start stealing because personal responsibility, hard work, sacrifice and self-reliance are no longer required in an Obama society; just massive public debt and deficits subsidized by the taxpayer next door.

I wonder how my neighbors would feel if I showed up with my family for dinner every night or helped myself to a cold beer and their swimming pool after a hard day in the Texas heat. Perhaps his wife wouldn’t mind making breakfast and lunch for my kids since this Republican is paying for the “free meals” their kids and grandkids receive at my expense. I know I don’t vote Democrat but you would think they would have at least have invited me for a burger at their daughters graduation party. Apparently their gratitude is reserved for the Democrats in their lives and not the people who pay their own way. Thick as thieves those Democrats.

Contrary to what liberals would have you believe my neighbors have a standard of living that far exceeds anyone on my street, yet they are “disadvantaged” and qualify for “free government money”. Will some Democrat explain to me how this family fits into the “through no fault of your own’ category? What specific disadvantage do their children have in life that entitles them to more than their “fair share” and why do my kids future incomes have to pay for it? And can someone afford a built in swimming pool, but the taxpayer has to pay for your disadvantaged kid’s college education?

Twenty years ago I ratted my neighbor out to each and every government agency that would take a report.  Apparently you don’t get investigated by the government if you vote Democrat because he’s still swimming in his pool, watching his cable and living off the taxpayer.  You know if I wasn’t such a hardworking racist homophobe I think I might enjoy living like a Republican, but I just can’t bring myself to voting for a Democrat.